Steven Bowen previously worked as a Department Manager for a large retail company, managing over 100 people. Although after being made redundant, he decided that he didn’t want to work for another large organisation, so instead looked into running his own franchise. Now 3 years down the line, he is now thoroughly enjoying being his own boss and would never dream of working for anyone but himself!

Steven tells us a little more about what initially appealed to him about Ovenclean: “Primarily, I decided on Ovenclean as I looked at the comments its customers had made which were very favourable. This lead me to believe that Ovenclean would be a good choice.”

Ovenclean is a 5* rated company on Trustpilot and prides itself on delivering a first-class service to its customers, as well as very high quality cleans.

“The main advantage of becoming a franchisee is you are following a tried and tested route.  It is a proven business model with a demonstrated track record.  If you start up your own business you cannot guarantee the same level of success, it could be great, but on the other hand, it could be a complete disaster!”

“The biggest challenge was making the decision to buy the franchise in the first place, it is a big commitment.  However, once you have completed your research and decided that it’s the right decision, the challenge changes to excitement. You now have the prospect of all the new opportunities opening up before you.”

Once Steven had invested, he was very excited to commence his two-week practical training course, as well as a two-day intensive sales and marketing course. He tells us a little more about the practical training he’s received from Ovenclean:

“I had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks with a very experienced franchisee who explained the process that needed to be followed.  He also gave good advice on how to run the business including how to avoid certain pitfalls. This “on the job” training was very beneficial and put me in a good position when I started going to my own customers.  My trainer continued to help me after the launch if I had any specific queries or worries.”

“Overall, I enjoy the freedom of working for myself and the possibilities this gives me.  I certainly would not return to the retail trade or in fact work for anyone other than myself. It is extremely satisfying to be your own boss and set the direction of your own business as you wish.  The success you achieve is entirely of your own making and down to the effort that you put in.”

So, investing in an Ovenclean franchise has changed Steven’s life for the better. Now that his business is up and running well, he can start thinking about bigger things for the future:

“My plan is to build a strong customer base. Eventually, I hope to be able to sell the business as a thriving, going concern.”

When asked if he would do anything differently, Steven smiles and says “No, none. Only perhaps I should have done it earlier!”

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