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Spring clean your oven

As we break out of hibernation from the winter months our minds turn to spring cleaning and getting our homes in tip top condition.

The thought of thoroughly cleaning a property from top to bottom can be a daunting task and perhaps the most off-putting of these chores is cleaning the oven!

Burnt on food deposits in ovens not only create hygiene problems but can also detract from the quality of cooking. Food particles stuck to the grill become charred, and research shows that charred food may contain cancer-causing agents. Plus, bacteria can also grow in those food particles; therefore it is imperative that ovens are properly cleaned.

Ovenclean, the UK's original and most successful oven cleaning specialist uses a unique environmentally friendly caustic free cleaning system, which rids ovens of germs and leaves your kitchen springtime fresh and fragrant.

Julian Minwalla, Ovenclean Chief Executive says: "An oven that has been cleaned professionally is very different to the standard you can achieve yourself, even after hours of hard work and elbow grease! Ovenclean uses non-caustic materials, making no mess and restoring your oven to 'as good as new'.  That means one less daunting job whilst you spring clean the house!"