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National Food Safety Week

National Food Safety Week takes place from June 6th to 12th and is an annual event held to promote the importance of good food hygiene in the home.

Approximately 5.5 million people are affected by food poisoning each year. Food poisoning is caused by a number of factors, including not cooking food thoroughly and cross contamination. Another contributing factor is dirty ovens and barbecues whilst research shows that reports of food poisoning shoot up over the summer.

Food particles stuck to the grill become charred, and charred food may contain cancer-causing agents. Plus, bacteria can also grow in those food particles. It is imperative therefore that ovens and barbecues are properly cleaned.

The theme of this year's National Food Safety Week is 'what goes on behind closed doors' to see what people really do in their own homes when preparing and cooking food.

Food hygiene in the home is particularly important during the summer months, when levels of food poisoning soar. There are around 120,000 extra cases of illness recorded across the UK when the weather is warmest.

Bob Martin, a food safety expert at the FSA, says: "Avoiding cross-contamination is extremely important, that is preventing bacteria from spreading between foods and from contaminated surfaces or utensils. Never use the same chopping board for raw meat and ready-to-eat foods without washing both the board and knife thoroughly first."

Anne Blee, Marketing Director of Ovenclean, the UK's original and most successful oven cleaning specialist, adds: "Having a clean oven and barbecue also ensures a better cooking experience as clean racks and grills mean less food gets stuck when cooking. So, for a variety of reasons and to beat those bugs, it's really important to clean your ovens and barbecues."

Ovenclean uses a unique 100 percent caustic free environmentally friendly cleaning system, which rids ovens and barbecues of germs, ensuring a safe, hygienic and fume-free environment, with appliances that are safe to use as soon as the cleaning job is complete.

OvenClean can remove grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits in around two hours from ovens, hobs, microwaves, BBQs and Agas.