Entertaining at Easter

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Entertaining at Easter

In the lead up to Easter, much like Christmas, our homes are often adorned with a constant stream of visitors. You may be having family over for the day itself or just entertaining friends and family in the lead up whilst the children are off school. And of course, now that the kids have broken up, you’re having to bake with them to keep them amused for a few hours.

All this can put a huge amount of pressure on your oven and if it’s already hiding the labours of your previous bakes, it may be time to show it a little bit of TLC. Good cooking starts with a clean oven and with the amount you’ll be using it over Easter, you don’t want to put your guests off with the smell of burnt food wafting through the house!

Cleaning your oven regularly will ultimately extend your appliance’s life and ensure it’s running to full capacity at all times. Deep cleaning items that are often missed, such as the fan and other internal components will allow the oven to heat up faster using less power. You’ll actually be able to follow the exact timings in your recipe books again and the oven will become more economical!

The added bonus of getting your oven professionally cleaned means you have more time to spend with the children over the Easter holidays, and to help you with that we’ve got some great recipes for you to try together – nothing beats homemade Easter treats!

Hot Cross Buns

Simnel Cake

Easter Egg Nests

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If your oven has quite literally not seen the light of day through its greasy door since long before the Christmas dinner was cooked, give us a call now on 0800 840 7127 to come and take care of it. One less thing to embarrass you when the family come round!