Gift ideas to #makeandbake this Christmas

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Gift ideas to #makeandbake this Christmas

Christmas is an expensive time for everyone and can often make January quite tough on the purse strings - but what if there was a way to save money this year but still give your loved ones fantastic gifts?

The phenomenon of 'make and bake' has grown and grown in the UK over the past 2 years thanks to shows such as the Great British Bake Off and the Great British Sewing Bee. It's never been more on trend to give and receive handmade presents.

With sites like Pinterest gaining popularity, there are many places to draw inspiration from, but we've found 5 lovely gift ideas varying in difficulty so you can have a go this year. If there's someone on your Christmas gift list that seems impossible to buy for, this could be just what you need!

make laptop

iPad Case
Everyone is technology mad at the moment, and whilst buying loved ones the latest tablet or phone is out of the question, what about something safe and attractive to store it in? This tablet case will require some basic sewing, but is easy to make and you can choose the perfect fabric for your recipient.

make scrub

Lemon Sugar Body Scrub
There’s always someone on your list that you just can’t decide what to buy, but this Lemon Sugar Body Scrub is a fine addition to anyone’s toiletries and a sure fire hit with everyone!

make sauce

Caramel and Whisky Sauce
If your parents are difficult to buy for every year, give them a gift that they’ll get use from on Christmas Day itself – Caramel & Whisky sauce is a perfect accompaniment to Christmas Pudding after lunch and will go down a treat with the whole family!


Christmas Labels
Half of the appreciation of the gift, is in the presentation. Set your present apart from all the others under the tree by creating bespoke gift labels that will let people know you’ve spent some extra time on their present this year.

make gingerbread

What says Christmas better than gingerbread?! We’ve been working on the perfect recipe ourselves in the Ovenclean kitchen over the past couple of weeks! We’ve listed it as our  Recipe of the Month this week too - we think it’s a fab Christmas treat!

Over the past couple of weeks we've been giving you some #makeandbake ideas of Twitter and Facebook too, so just search for the hashtag and you'll find a few extra suggestions! We have also created a Pinterest board which is full of crafts you can get involved with. Good luck with your creations!