The best parts of having the oven cleaned

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The best parts of having the oven cleaned

What's your favourite thing about having the oven cleaned?

Whilst we wouldn’t say that we’re “neat freaks” here at Ovenclean, we do love the way the house and kitchen look when they have been freshly cleaned and tidied. Let’s not get into the debate about whether men or women do more of the housework (sparked by Radio 4’s Women’s Hour recently) we just like it when it’s done!

With Ovenclean, cleaning the oven is at least one chore that can be saved from the battle of the sexes, since our technicians do it for you! We did a bit of research to understand what our customers and others like best about having the oven cleaned.

1.     The quality of the job

We’re lucky that our customers are often pleased enough by the work to email us afterwards (you can see some of the reviews here). We recently had the following from Mrs Claire-Marie Poutney in Hook:

“We have had our AGA cleaned previously by companies who have said and advertised that they are specialised in AGA range cooker cleaning, only for us to be disappointed.

However I feel that we need to point this out, the young man who came and cleaned the AGA was extremely professional and did the best job we have ever had done on the AGA. So please thank him and we will be very happy to use you next year.”

2.    Someone else deals with it so you don’t have to

Oven cleaning is often talked about on Mumsnet and this post describes getting a professional cleaner in as hiring a “magic man” to deal with the grease and grime for you. When time is stretched between work and family life as it is, why spend precious hours of free time dealing with a dirty oven?

3.    The smoke alarm stays silent

Someone once told me that the main role of their smoke alarm was to tell them that the sausages were burning.  At least this means the alarm was tested regularly! It’s certainly true that ovens which have grime baking along with food, will fill the kitchen with smoke and it’s nice to have that taken care of.

4.    Being able to see through the glass

If you’re a fan of The Great British Bake-Off and you fancy that your soufflé is special, you’ll be aware that opening the oven during cooking time is a big no-no.  You don’t want to end up with a flat flan, so having a clean, clear view is important.

5.    The fact that it looks like new

Whilst regular cleaning at home can get most of the mess off, having a deep clean professionally done can restore the cooker to good as new, by replacing things like seals and light bulbs. This is something that people often say of the service.

Where people have moved into new homes and the oven has never been cleaned by the previous owners, it can leave them wondering if a new oven purchase is the only answer, but the oven can be restored in 99% of cases.

6.    Not having to clean-up after the clean-up

With even the best of household oven cleaners, there’s an element of cleaning up required after the main job, whether this is just disposing of gloves and packaging, newspaper, or mopping up black spills from the floor. Get the oven cleaned by Ovenclean and we’ll take care of the job from start to finish, and people seem to appreciate the fact that there’s no mess left behind.

If you’re interested in booking the oven cleaning service for your kitchen, just make an enquiry online or give us a call today.