How to organise your house after the summer holidays

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How to organise your house after the summer holidays

We all know how it goes – the kids go back to school and it looks as though a bomb has hit your house after 6 weeks of keeping the kids entertained and ferrying them around to various places. It may seem overwhelming to try and get everything back to normal, but we’ve got some ideas to help you make the tidy up process a little easier. And they won’t cost you much at all!

Gauge what was played with over the holidays

Think of these summer holidays as a gauge on how much your kids played with their toys and use it as an evaluation of whether certain toys could be given to charity or sold on. If there is a toy your child hasn’t played with for some time, take the opportunity to de-clutter and make a little space elsewhere. A good test is removing it from their room for a few weeks to see if it’s missed!

Get the kids to help you – make it a game!

This works particularly well with younger children, entice them into putting away their summer things by making it into a game. Perhaps with the reward of a treat tea or playing their favourite game later – if they pack it away after of course! Older children are old enough to know when to help mum and dad out with some tidying and shouldn’t need too much coercion!

Freshen things up a little

There’s nothing like a beautiful bunch of flowers or a scented candle with a familiar scent to make the house feel like yours again – it’s the little things that make all the difference! Combine this with getting the windows cleaned or maybe indulging in a carpet or oven clean and it can ease the strain on doing everything yourself.

Take a little time in the build up

During the last few days of the holidays, particularly with today being a bank holiday Monday, take 20 minutes a day to start putting things back in place and getting everything ready for the next school term. Starting to get the kids back into a routine during this week works wonders too!

Time to put all of the summer things away for another year

We hate to admit it, but summer is coming to a close and there are certain things you won’t be needing after the next few weeks. Outdoor games in particular can be stored safely away in the garage and shed, along with the majority of the kids summer clothes that can now go to the back of the cupboard.

Don’t worry too much

As a parent, you’ll already know how difficult it is to keep your house as good as it used to be BC (before children) and nobody else expects you to have it all together. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just sit back and enjoy the silence of the kids being back at school!

If you need some more tips on organising your house, we’ve created a Pinterest board so take a look! And if we can lighten the load with a convenient oven clean, just call 0800 840 7127.

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