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Summer End of Tenancy Oven Cleaning

For many student landlords, the summer holiday period provides the ideal opportunity to clean, redecorate and generally spruce up their property. Where the kitchen is concerned, one of the most important, and potentially time consuming tasks, is giving the oven a thorough clean.

Summer End Of Tenancy Oven Cleaning

Student housing isn’t known for scrupulously kept kitchens

When the kitchen isn’t cleaned after cooking on a regular basis, spilt grease and other food deposits will soon become stains. Nowhere is this more apparent than the oven, where baked on food can build up and make cleaning difficult – as well as being a potential source of smoke (and unwanted smoke alarms at unsociable hours!) during cooking.

Looking after your investment

If you’re a landlord, both you and your tenants have certain responsibilities. The home needs to be kept up to a certain standard, especially between tenancies when the house is put on the market to new students.

Carpets, curtains, living areas and the kitchen all need to be bought back up to code. If your tenants haven’t done this on your behalf, then it is vital that you take responsibility – passing on the costs if included within the contract.

Keeping your oven maintained with regular visits from Ovenclean can also help save you money in the long term, by keeping it in good working order, avoiding expensive call outs and replacement parts, and helping extend its life span.

Cleaning that gets you your deposit back

On the other hand, if you’re a student tenant looking to get your deposit back (or maybe you’re just sick of the fire alarms!) and beholden to a contract, you may prefer to get someone in to do the job properly before the end of your tenancy.

Student Landlord Oven Cleaning (1)

All those late night pizzas, lasagnes and tuna pasta bakes
will inevitably take their toll on the oven

This will be especially true if the oven hasn’t been cleaned for three terms, or if you’re struggling to decide who should roll their sleeves up! Agreeing to club together as a group can make a professional oven clean cheaper than you think.

Oh, and we can clean your microwave to the same high standard as part of the same job – just specify when asking for a quote!

How we can help

So whether you’re a student keen to get your deposit back, or a dishevelled landlord hoping to get your oven back to prime condition before putting your property back on the market, consider a professional clean from Ovenclean.

We offer thorough, expert end of tenancy deep oven cleans, and tailored service agreements to suit your property needs.

By choosing Ovenclean's professional contract cleaning services, you can expect:

  • Fully trained, professionally uniformed end-of-tenancy cleaning specialists with full Public Liability Insurance

  • A courteous, reliable and friendly service

  • Application of unique end-of-tenancy cleaning system, exclusive to Ovenclean specialists

  • 24/7 access to our UK-based call centre