The domestic cleaning and oven cleaning market is growing within the United Kingdom, with the market currently estimated to be worth £7 billion. The demand for oven cleaning services is constantly growing and research has shown that Ovenclean operators currently deal with less than 1% of potential demand across the country. This means there is phenomenal opportunity for anyone wanting to run their own business with Ovenclean, the leading oven cleaning franchise in the UK.

Since the pandemic, we have seen demand for our professional oven cleaning services soar, and this has only continued, with customer enquiries 30% up compared to 2019!

With over 28 million households in the UK alone, franchisees can enjoy a massive, virtually untapped marketplace as well as growing demand from emerging business markets. As more and more customers learn the benefits of the Ovenclean service, our franchisees are seeing their business opportunities increase.

From a service perspective, Ovenclean provides a unique product range and innovative cleaning system that ensures a deep and efficient clean. The strength of the Ovenclean cleaning system results in tremendous customer satisfaction, so much so, that word of mouth referrals have become a strategic part of the Ovenclean operation. This has resulted in a rapidly growing customer base and satisfying work-life for our franchisees, providing high earnings and a flexible lifestyle.

Owning an oven cleaning franchise has led to highly successful Ovenclean franchisees all over the UK. You can read some of the success stories here.

The Original Oven Cleaning Franchise

Launched in 1994, Ovenclean was one of the UK’s original oven cleaning franchises. It has grown exponentially over the years and has proudly taken the oven cleaning market by storm. Now with over 100 franchisees up and down the country, Ovenclean has become a well-known name within the domestic cleaning market, and it continues to grow.

As a brand, there are a few things that make Ovenclean stand out. Firstly, we take the stress of cleaning an oven away from the customer, ensuring that their oven can be cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible using our bespoke cleaning method.

Secondly, the Ovenclean method is incredibly thorough. It includes the cleaning of both the oven and all the removable components (racks, doors, glass etc.). The latter are cleaned in fully equipped Ovenclean liveried vans. This method of cleaning not only leaves our customers fantastically satisfied with the service they received, but it can be used on any type of oven. Whether it is an Aga or a range, Ovenclean are always on hand to help.

Ovenclean is a full member of the British Franchise Association.

The Ovenclean Opportunity

As the domestic cleaning industry grows, and requests for oven cleaning services increase, as do opportunities with Ovenclean. Our franchise model allows for franchisees to take control of their own lifestyle, work the hours they want to work, and be as ambitious as they want to be. Becoming an Ovenclean franchisee comes with a fantastic package and a brilliant training and launch program to help you hit the ground running. Discover how Ovenclean can help you take control of your future and improve your lifestyle today.

Part of Franchise Brands plc.

Ovenclean is part of Franchise Brands plc., a multi-brand franchisor with over 600 franchisees across 6 principal brands, internationally.

Franchise Brands was founded in September 2008 by Stephen Hemsley (Executive Chairman) and Nigel Wray (Non-Executive Director), the Group’s principal shareholders, who have substantial experience in franchising. As well as being the founder of Franchise Brands, Stephen Hemsley helped Domino’s grow from a market capitalisation of £25 million to around £1.6 billion.

One of the core concepts behind the creation of Franchise Brands was to create a network of franchises that all benefit from the same central support unit. This means that our highly developed range of central support services, notably in the areas of marketing and franchise support, collectively grow the brands. Our franchisees benefit from proven national marketing and comprehensive initial training, as well as on-going support and development, in order to help them grow their businesses.

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