“After facing redundancy from previous jobs in the motor trade and customer service, I decided that I wanted to work for myself. Franchising was the ideal route to achieve that goal.”

“After shortlisting Ovenclean, I looked at the competition in my local area. I also contacted a number of existing franchisees to see how their businesses were doing and to find out about their Ovenclean experiences. After going out with an existing franchisee to see how the business operated on a daily basis, I made my final decision.”

“The thing that appealed to me about Ovenclean was the repeat regular customers every 6-12 months, where your database can provide a regular flow of customers.”

Indeed, our franchisees benefit from a huge amount of repeat and referral business. Our innovative products provide an outstanding clean which mean that customers are thrilled with the results.

“You also have the support of a very experienced team at Ovenclean Head Office.” continues Roger. “They provide technical advice, marketing tips and there’s a 24/7 call centre which provides a steady amount of customer leads from national marketing campaigns.”

We asked Roger how his life has improved since joining Ovenclean and whether he would do anything differently:

“My life has dramatically improved – I’ve got it back! I now have more time for family, can help with the school-run and have a great work/life balance. It’s a scary prospect becoming self-employed, but the flexibility of working and the great way of life more than compensates for that.”

“The best tool for success and growth is you! It’s all down to the individual – your hard work and determination can be the most important factor to building the business. If you keep going and do regular marketing, this business does work. The more you put in, the more you get out with Ovenclean.”

“At the moment I have built the business to a level I am comfortable with, in the future I may like to get another van on the road and manage the business. We will see!”

With Ovenclean, you have the potential to expand if you wish. Many of our franchisees manage multi-van and multi-territory operations, and others operate one van and one territory. The Ovenclean business model is fully flexible around your needs and lifestyle choices.

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