How to Clean a Neff Oven

Cleaning the oven is one of the most hated household chores. However, oven cleaning is essential. One of the top brands on the market are Neff ovens, with an extensive range of single and double ovens and modern features, such as the Slide & Hide oven door, steam cooking functionalities and pyrolytic self-cleaning abilities, they are a popular choice among consumers.

If you have invested in a Neff oven, you may want to know the easiest techniques for cleaning it. A dirty Neff oven not only looks unappealing but can increase the risk of a fire and cause your oven to be inefficient. But, deep oven cleaning doesn’t always need harsh chemicals. There are many different natural techniques which can be used for Neff oven cleaning, as well as making use of any self-cleaning features it may have. We have put together some of the best oven cleaning techniques for a brilliantly clean finish.

How to Clean a Neff Oven

To clean your Neff oven, start by ensuring the oven is cold and then remove all racks from the oven. Refer to the instruction manual for further help with removing parts and using self-cleaning functions. It is recommended that Slide & Hide Neff ovens remove the door to clean it properly. Neff have a guide on their website on how to do this.

How to use the Neff Oven EasyClean Function

To begin, make sure the oven is at room temperature. You’ll need to wait for it to cool down sufficiently after cooking before beginning the cleaning process. Then, for ease, remove all the racks, rails and trays from inside the oven. Mix 400mls water with a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid and pour it into the bottom of the oven. You can then turn the oven on and press home, then flick through the settings until you find EasyClean. Once it has finished its cleaning program, the interior surfaces can be wiped with a sponge. Then all of the parts can be placed back into the oven.

How to use the Pyrolytic Function

The pyrolytic self-cleaning feature on a Neff oven allows for easy cleaning on large spills while cooking. It heats to around 485°C and reduces leftovers and residues to ash, which can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth afterwards. It’s a great way to leave the oven gleaming, without the need for harsh chemicals and lots of scrubbing.

After removing all the racks and accessories from the Neff oven, give the interior a wipe down using a damp cloth to remove excess grime. The oven can then be turned on and the pyrolytic function can be selected from the options. Depending on the amount of mess inside the oven, there are various levels of cleaning to choose from. Once you have chosen, the process can start, at which point, it will indicate on the display that the Neff oven door will be locked until it has cooled enough to be wiped down.

For smaller spills and loose food, the oven can be cleaned with a damp cloth, once it has cooled after cooking.

Professional Neff Oven Cleaning

Cleaning the oven can be hard work, even with self-cleaning functions, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. It can sometimes take hours to get rid of all the built up grease and grime. We understand how frustrating of a task it can be, which is why we think it’s always best to leave this job to the professionals. Sit back and relax whilst we transform your oven! All of our products are made using no-added caustic solutions meaning they are safe to use around children and pets – find your local oven cleaning specialist today.

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