Oven Extractor Fan, Hood, and Filter Cleaning

Kitchen extractor fan cleaning can be a very sticky, unpleasant and a difficult task to complete. Don’t get your hands dirty – let our Ovenclean extractor fan cleaning experts handle the hard work!

As extractor hoods are designed to re-circulate air, it’s very common for them to collect grease and fat over time. Eventually, what this means is the filters and cover to your extractor fan will gather a fatty residue that requires a deep clean to remove. Although this is possible to do at home, it can be difficult to do yourself. It is a challenging task, made worse by the build-up of grime.

When you book Ovenclean to clean your kitchen cooker hood or extractor fan, you can be assured that you are hiring professionals to complete the highest standard of cleaning. We will not only leave your extractor hood sparkling clean, but we will take any dirt or grime away with us. Doing it this way means that even the messiest of jobs leaves no mess.

Sit back and relax – our specialists will make your extractor fan shine again.

To talk to your local specialist about your extractor fan cleaning and for a free no-obligation quote, call 0800 840 7127 or click here to request a quote online.

Benefits of Extractor Fan Cleaning

Kitchen ventilation cleaning or kitchen hood cleaning is vital to not only the performance of your oven, but the safety of your home.

If your extractor hood is blocked up with dirt and grease, it is not going to be able to remove heat, cooking odours and, most importantly, Carbon Monoxide to the best of its ability.

  • Cleaning your extractor fan and extractor hood means that the extractor fan can work the way it is meant to. This means it can remove unwanted particles with ease, extracting them from the atmosphere.
  • Being able to remove particles and unwanted gas, keeps your kitchen cleaner. It allows for your kitchen to operate at peak efficiency and helps remove any unwanted odours from the atmosphere.
  • Keeping your extractor fan clean is vital to ensuring the highest level of safety in your kitchen.

Whether it is ensuring there is minimal greasy residue in your extractor hood, or whether it is ensuring the right particles can be carried away by your fan, keeping your extractor fan clean is an important task to do. Here, at Ovenclean, we specialise in keeping your kitchen cleaner for longer, so you can focus on cooking and doing what you love to do.

Does your Extractor Fan Filter Need Replacing?

As well as cleaning filters, we can help you replace your filter if it needs doing. All Ovenclean specialists carry stock of replacement lamps, universal seals and a range of extraction filters to suit a wide range of ovens and hood types. No matter what it is you need, we can help, from replacement seals to the bulb in your extractor fan. If you require additional or specialist spares, let your local Ovenclean professional know in advance and we can order the part for you, or recommend a reputable supplier.

No matter who your oven is made by, from AEG to Zanussi, we are more than happy to help you get your Extractor Fan back to peak condition.

Fully Trained Oven and Extractor Fan Cleaning Specialists

You can be assured that Ovenclean offer the highest standard in oven cleaning and will stop at nothing to ensure that we help you make the most out of your extractor fan. Your appliances are in safe hands, as all Ovenclean specialists have been fully trained to ensure all extractor fan and hood cleaning can be carried out as safely and efficiently as possible. Our job is to allow you to get back to cooking with a beautifully cleaned oven, quickly, and without fuss.

No matter how much grime your oven has built up over recent use, our extractor fan cleaning experts are on hand to help out. You can contact your local Ovenclean expert for an obligation-free quote today. Either call 0800 840 7127 or click here to request a quote using our online form.

Our Specialists Are Fully Trained

You can rest assured that Ovenclean offers the highest standard in oven cleaning. Your appliances are in safe hands, as all Ovenclean specialists have been trained during a two-week intensive and practical course, in the field with established Ovenclean specialists. Professional and personable, our extractor fan cleaning experts can help you get your oven hood sparkling again in no time.

Extractor Hood Cleaning FAQ

Below we have curated some of the core questions we get asked about our extractor hood cleaning service.

How long does it take for an Extractor Hood to be cleaned?

At Ovenclean, we specialise in providing a fast and convenient extractor hood cleaning service, designed to cause as minimal disruption to your day as possible, whilst also ensuring a fantastic finish. We tend to say to leave up to two hours to have your extractor hood cleaned, although it does depend on the size and model of the hood.

What cleaning products do you use to clean an Extractor Fan/Hood?

At Ovenclean, we use a specific, no-added-caustic solution that has been developed for our specialists. Not only is it kind to the surface of the hood, but it also ensures that the oven and extractor fan can be used directly after cleaning.

How much does an extractor fan cleaning cost?

Our services have been designed to be as affordable as possible. That being said, how much it will cost to clean your extractor hood depends on a couple of factors such as the size of your extractor hood and the model of your oven. You can chat with our team today to discuss your needs and get a free no-obligation quote by calling: 0800 840 7127.

How to clean an extractor hood?

Cleaning kitchen oven extractor hood filters is a necessary task to keep on top of to avoid grease building up in the extractor fan.

If you are wondering how to clean extractor fan filter yourself, we are happy to provide some useful DIY advice. If you are looking to clean the whole extractor hood, follow our guide on how to clean an extractor fan here.

If you want to give your extractor filters a regular cleanse and spruce, you will need a few tools and tips to get things started.  We have lots of tips on the best way to clean extractor fan filters in particular.

But if you think your extractor fans requires a little extra TLC, then our Ovenclean specialists offer an extractor fan deep cleaning service.

Kitchen Extractor Fan Cleaning

Our high-quality extractor fan cleaning service means that we will have your kitchen extractor fan restored to its original glory in no time. We pride ourselves on a first-class level of cleaning that is second to none. We are proud to say that we only use a unique, and no-added caustic, range of solutions when cleaning your extractor fan and its components. This guarantees an exceptional result each and every time, whilst also meaning it is possible to use your oven and extractor fan directly after completion.

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