High-Quality Range and Stove Cleaning Service

Don’t battle with backbreaking stove cleaning, or struggle to keep your range clean – let Ovenclean take on this taxing chore! Ovenclean specialists are fully equipped to clean all makes and models of ranges and stoves. Our professional stove cleaning service ensures that your range or stove continues to take pride of place at the heart of your kitchen. No matter how much grease or grime is on your stove, we can help you get it clean again in no time.

By arranging an appointment (no deposit necessary) with one of our highly trained Ovenclean specialists, you can expect:

  • A fully trained, professional range and stove cleaning specialist, at a time that is convenient for you
  • A courteous, reliable and friendly service where we make sure we clean up after ourselves and leave your kitchen in the fantastic condition
  • Application of an entirely safe, eco-friendly, no- added caustic cleaning system
  • A 24/7 UK-based Call Centre, so no matter when you decide to have your oven cleaned we can make sure we are available to help you out

Make Your Range Sparkle Again

Ovenclean specialists only use a unique series of cleaning solutions to clean your stove or range. You can be absolutely certain that Ovenclean range cleaning and stove cleaning specialists will restore your cooker to ‘as-good-as-new’, whatever its finish – enamel, chrome or stainless steel. No matter what make or model of range or stove that you may have, at Ovenclean we can help you out.

To talk through your Range cleaning or Stove cleaning requirements with your local Ovenclean specialist and for a free no-obligation quote call 0800 840 7127 or book your Range clean or Stove clean online today.

Only The Highest Quality Stove Cleaning Service

Ovenclean customers are often overwhelmed by the quality of the service that they are provided when they get their range or stove cleaned. Our goal is to complete every job to the very highest possible standard. We can provide a stove cleaning service that is completed to the highest level of quality, by a skilled specialist in just a couple of hours, whilst maintaining a completely fume-free environment. Plus there is no deposit necessary to confirm your Range cooker cleaning appointment, find out more here.

A Unique No Added Caustic Method of Cleaning

Unlike off-the-shelf domestic oven cleaning products, Ovenclean use a no-added caustic cleaning solution, meaning your kitchen is safe, hygienic and free from harmful fumes. What this also means is that, unlike with other methods of range or stove cleaning, the oven can be used again directly after the cleaning has occurred.

Range and Stove Cleaning FAQ

Below we have listed some of the frequently asked questions we get asked about our range or stove cleaning services:

What Does “No-Added Caustic” Solution Mean?

It is often the case that oven cleaning solutions can be corrosive, and through heavy use, a corrosive cleaning solution can cause damage to the surface you are looking to clean. The solution that we use, however, is “No-Added Caustic”, and this means that it is non-corrosive. What this means is that our cleaning solution can provide a fantastic finish, whilst ensuring that it doesn’t damage the oven top itself. What this also means is that, unlike with traditional cleaning fluids, our no-added caustic solution makes it so that the stove, range, or oven can be used directly after it has been cleaned. There is no need to wait around.

What is the Stove Cleaning Process?

At Ovenclean, we have developed a fantastic process that is designed to clean the top of your stove or range as quickly and efficiently as possible. The first step is to remove all the parts of the oven that can be separated, in order to bath them in a bath made up of a non-caustic solution. Next, we scrub down the stove, to ensure that we can remove all the suborn pieces of grease or grime. Once that is done, the stove is reassembled, and, due to the non-caustic bath, the stove can be used immediately after use.

How Long Does Stove Cleaning Take?

The amount of time it takes to clean a stove can vary depending on the size of the range. That being said, the average range cleaning takes around an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

How Regularly Should I Get My Stove Cleaned?

How regularly you should get your stove cleaned is a difficult question to answer. If you use your stove regularly, then we would recommend that you get your stove professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. If, however, you use your stove more than normal, if perhaps cooking is a hobby, then you may want to consider getting your stove cleaned more regularly to keep it in pristine condition.

How much does Stove Cleaning cost?

At Ovenclean we specialise in an economic and efficient service. Where the price does depend on the type of range you have, our stove cleaning service has been specifically designed to be affordable. You can find out more and request a free, no-obligation quote, today.


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