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Whether you are using a ceramic hob, induction hob or gas hob, they all need a good deep clean from time to time. Cleaning your hob regularly helps maintain its efficiency and prevents build of any grime or food blocking the area that omits gas.

Cleaning your hob can often be seen as an unwanted chore, due to the time cleaning each element. In addition, it can quickly become messy and leave you exposed to harmful fumes if toxic solutions are being used. Thankfully, we have a perfect solution for you.

Professional Hob Cleaning

Our experts specialise in cleaning hobs and ovens and are fully trained and equipped to put the sparkle back in your kitchen. They achieve showroom results upon cleaning your hob each and every clean they carry out.

They are widely familiar with oven models and brands, meaning they know how to clean all types of hobs including; ceramic hobs, induction hobs, gas hobs and electric hobs.

comparison of clean and dirty oven hob

Mess and Fume Free

Unlike off-the-shelf domestic oven cleaning products, Ovenclean use a ‘no-added caustic’ cleaning solution, meaning your kitchen is safe, hygienic and free from harmful fumes. It also means it is safe to use straight after the clean is complete – no waiting around.

Our ‘no added caustic’ cooker cleaning solutions, unique to Ovenclean, will give your hob a sparkling clean finish. What’s more, the gentle formula is safe to use on any surface – from ceramic and enamel to chrome and stainless steel, we work to uphold and protect the finish of your hob.

Our hob cooker cleaning specialists aim to cause minimal disturbance to you and your home, so all removable parts are soaked in special baths outside the property. This also ensures your home remains hygienic and mess-free.

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To talk to your local specialist about your hob cleaning requirements and for a free no-obligation quote, call 0800 840 7127or get a FREE quote online.

No Deposit Necessary

At Ovenclean, we will never ask you to pre-pay for the hob cleaning service or ask for a deposit before the appointment. Our specialists will only take payment after the clean is complete, this is because for over 25 years we have been offering professional oven cleaning services with no deposit required and it just works.

Hob Cleaning FAQs


How Much Does Hob Cleaning Cost?

The cost of cleaning a hob is dependent upon the size. For an accurate quote, we recommend getting in touch with your local Ovenclean technician or completing our online form for a no-obligation quote.

How Long Does Hob Cleaning Take?

The duration of the clean will depend on the size of your hob, but our technicians are fully trained to work efficiently to minimise taking up too much of your time. They use a 10-step cleaning process to ensure that all bases are covered.

How Often Should You Get Your Hob Cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your hob after every use, this will help prevent any grime build-up or stubborn stains from occurring. The longer you leave it, the longer it will take to clean. Thorough deep cleans are recommended at least every 6 months, using a professional means they can also ensure your hob is working efficiently and dismantle and clean elements you may not be aware of.

How to Fix a Broken Pilot Light?

A gas oven isn’t much use without its pilot light. But a pilot light that has gone out is not necessarily a sign your oven is on its last legs. There is an electrode within the oven that operates the pilot light. If that gets dirty, the sensors can malfunction and cause them to go out. In this situation, a simple, targeted clean could get it going again in no time.

What Does Hob Stand for in Cooking?

Traditionally a hob was a shelf, grate, or other bench-type ledges that were at the back or side of a hearth or fireplace used to keep food or utensils warm. In more modern English a hob is gas or electricity-powered cooking top usually either on the top of a kitchen stove unit or integrated into kitchen worktops.

What is the Difference Between a Hob and a Stove?

A hob is a gas or electricity-powered cooking top surface that can be a part of a kitchen stove or standalone device integrated into kitchen worktops. A stove is typically a freestanding cooking appliance that has a hob on its top or cooktop surface, one or more ovens, and sometimes a grill too contained within the one unit.

What Are Hobs For?

Hobs are top cooking or cooktop surfaces that are usually powered by electricity or gas mainly used to cook food in pans. Hobs can be either separate devices and integrated into the kitchen countertops or built into the top surface of a standalone kitchen stove appliance. Hobs are used to heat pans when boiling, frying, steaming, or cooking food in any other way. Hobs usually consist of 1-6 individual burners on which the individual pans are placed to heat them up.


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Great job from Ovenclean - prompt call back, arrived on time, made the oven and hob sparkle after 5 years of poor maintenance. Will definitely be using again.

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