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The birthplace of the boiled sweet, Lemsip, Bonjela and Gaviscon, home to the world’s only submarium called “The Deep”, home of the world’s largest (and oldest) travelling Fair in Europe, Hull (also known as Kingston-upon-Hull) continues to serve as one of the UK’s most important players in cargo transportation through the Humber Ports – one of the largest port complexes in the UK.  And with a city so rich in heritage and economic importance, Ovenclean is proud to offer outstanding local oven cleaning services in the heart of the East  Riding of Yorkshire.

Ovenclean Hull provides local oven cleaning services that deliver and exceed customer expectations, through providing a service of the best quality, by a specialist team of oven cleaners who are friendly, local and reliable.

Our Hull oven cleaning specialists

Hull Ovenclean expertise extends beyond simply getting the job done. Our local oven cleaners understand your community and your expectations and are passionate about contributing to the local Hull economy in a harmless and sustainable way. They are knowledgeable, courteous and fully-trained to an ISO accredited standard, which means that their aim is to deliver the best service for you, every time, in a convenient manner that does not disrupt your daily life.

Ovenclean recognises that the economy of Kingston-upon-Hull is rooted in trading and seafaring and continues to be a strong contributor to the UK economy handling on average 13 million tons of cargo per year. It’s for this reason that many Ovenclean specialists have chosen to build their career as local oven cleaning specialists in Hull around the economic importance that Hull, and its surrounding areas, continue to bring. Whether our network of specialists are working in a home or on business premises, our aim is to enable you, your home and your business, to continue without interruption.

Keeping A City of Culture thriving

Being named as the 2017 City of Culture, Kingston-upon-Hull has become recognised as a key stalwart in the cultural agenda of the UK through being known for critical historical events and people which influenced and transformed the world. From William Wilberforce, the former MP who led the movement to abolish the slave trade in the British Empire, to Amy Johnson – the first woman in history to fly solo from London to Australia, to Clive Sullivan – a rugby league player and first black Briton to captain any national representative sporting team, Hull has quickly become a destination of culture for many visitor; local and global.

Keeping the city thriving is what Ovenclean supports, which is why it is important to serve our customers in way that is not harmful to you, your homes, your families and the environment. Our teams use a caustic-soda free cleaning practice that is tough enough to get rid of the first, but safe enough for you.

Our local oven cleaning specialists are fully insured with a comprehensive public liability insurance and many offer both domestic as well as commercial cleaning services.

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