Ovenclean in the Press

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Jamie Oliver

"There are a number of specialists, but Ovenclean is probably one of the best known – then you can just sit back and wait to be amazed at the sparkling end results – these people really can restore your oven to pristine condition, leaving it looking as good as new in a matter of only a few hours, with minimum fuss or mess." See the full article at the link below.


Good Housekeeping Institute

"The GHI's head of testing Trisha Schofield's advice is simple - get the professionals to do it! ‘Using a professional oven cleaning service is convenient, time-saving and less hassle - worth every penny!,’ she says." See the full article at the link below.


Families Online

“The specialist took off the oven door and removed both the fan guard and fan, which began black and covered with almost 2 years’ worth of grot. After he had finished, the star shaped fan looked like the twinkling star on top of my Christmas tree! Within 3 hours I had a brand new looking oven, hob and extractor fan. I would highly recommend Ovenclean and use the service again…but won’t leave it so long next time!” See the full article at the link below.


Who's the Mummy Blog

“I hate cleaning ovens. Don’t you? With Ovenclean, a nice man spends a couple of hours with some hot water and non-toxic cleaners removing every trace of dirt from your oven. There’s no harsh chemicals so no smell, no fumes, no chemical burns or dead dogs. And you don’t have to wait before you can safely use your oven. It’s perfect. My oven genuinely was 100% sparkly clean afterwards! I recommend this enormously.” See the full article at the link below.