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Jamie Oliver

"There are a number of specialists, but Ovenclean is probably one of the best known – then you can just sit back and wait to be amazed at the sparkling end results – these people really can restore your oven to pristine condition, leaving it looking as good as new in a matter of only a few hours, with minimum fuss or mess." See the full article at the link below.


Good Housekeeping Institute

"The GHI's head of testing Trisha Schofield's advice is simple - get the professionals to do it! ‘Using a professional oven cleaning service is convenient, time-saving and less hassle - worth every penny!,’ she says." See the full article at the link below.


Families Online

“The specialist took off the oven door and removed both the fan guard and fan, which began black and covered with almost 2 years’ worth of grot. After he had finished, the star shaped fan looked like the twinkling star on top of my Christmas tree! Within 3 hours I had a brand new looking oven, hob and extractor fan. I would highly recommend Ovenclean and use the service again…but won’t leave it so long next time!” See the full article at the link below.


Who's the Mummy Blog

“I hate cleaning ovens. Don’t you? With Ovenclean, a nice man spends a couple of hours with some hot water and non-toxic cleaners removing every trace of dirt from your oven. There’s no harsh chemicals so no smell, no fumes, no chemical burns or dead dogs. And you don’t have to wait before you can safely use your oven. It’s perfect. My oven genuinely was 100% sparkly clean afterwards! I recommend this enormously.” See the full article at the link below.


Alex Parks MasterChef Instagram

"Had my oven cleaned by Kevin Gillingham at @ovencleanuk today. He had to work pretty hard. It looks basically brand new... Not for long..."


Club Epicure Winchester

"We had our oven cleaned by @ovencleanuk a few weeks ago and it looks BRAND NEW now. Kevin did an amazing job, especially as this oven gets A LOT of use."


Holly Bell - GBBO Contestant

"Okay, so I have had a few really good freebies since doing that there Bake Off thing. One was a holiday to Portugal (which I gave to my parents - what was I thinking?), one was an overnight stay Babington House and one was a sparkling clean oven from @ovencleanuk - take a swipe across ➡️➡️ to see lots of pics including when the nicest man on earth (Neville from @ovencleanuk ) removes the fan element from the oven, the side and back plates, the glass from the front door and basically left everything sparkling and clean. If you want to see a bit of the review look at my stories but here’s the headline, the cleaning process does not smell at all (not like the stuff you buy yourself to the clean the oven, there’s no mess and the oven looks like new. I feel like I have neglected my poor old oven from never having done it before. Anyway, it’s all ready for Easter baking and Easter joints of roasted lamb now. Huge thanks to @ovencleanuk and also Neville for being thoroughly good company. Oh and did I mention they scrub the racks and job elements clean OUTSIDE, in the back of the van? Ie/ not in your kitchen. Inspired way of cleaning the oven. #ovencleanuk #cleanoven #sparklingoven #easter #nomess #nosmell #polite #everyoneneedsnevilleintheirlife #likenew #easterbaking #roast #GetBakingforEaster"


Greedy Gourmet, Award-Winning Food Blogger

Thankfully there is an easy and efficient solution to this problem. With Ovenclean you can book a professional to come and clean your oven at home! Just like booking a plumber or anything else that needs to be fixed around the house. Brilliant, right? Why haven’t I thought of doing this sooner? Ovenclean offers first class quality cleaning, not only of your normal oven, but also the gas hobs, microwave, extractor, and even your barbecue, AGA or range cooker can get the royal treatment and become like new again. I booked a cleaning for my entire range cooker, which cost £90. The fee of the cleaning is based on the size of the task and thereby the amount of time it will take to clean the oven. I wanted it all cleaned, however it is also possible to just book cleaning for some sections. For example, if you feel like you can handle the gas hobs yourself, let Ovenclean deal with only the oven itself. Via their website Ovenclean.com you can obtain a free quote on your job, and book an appointment when it suits you. Nick from Ovenclean did a terrific job on my range cooker and everything from the hobs to the oven look as good as new. This means I can enjoy the summer cooking up many more delicious dishes, such as the goat’s cheese and beetroot tart.