How a Professional Oven Cleaner Cleans a Zanussi Oven

Cleaning an oven is one of the tasks many homeowners dislike the most. It can be difficult a messy job and stubborn food residue can be very hard to get rid of, especially with the wrong products or processes. However, it is essential to keep your oven clean.

Why do I need to clean my Zanussi oven?

There are several reasons why it is essential to keep your oven clean.

  • Food debris and grease can build up in the oven after cooking, this can cause smoke and fumes, leading to an increased risk of fire. Cleaning regularly can reduce the risk of fire significantly, meaning a safer kitchen environment.
  • A clean oven is also more energy efficient. No grease and grime means the heat distribution is better, so there is lower energy usage. The oven will also be quicker to get up to temperature, meaning it won’t have to work so hard and will last longer. Some mechanisms can stop working if they become blocked.
  • Food can be contaminated by bacteria when grime is left to build up. This can also change the taste of food.

How would an oven cleaner clean a Zanussi Oven?

Cleaning the oven yourself, with off-the-shelf products can be messy and can often be harmful. A professional Ovenclean specialist uses safe, no-added caustic products to ensure safety during and after the oven cleaning process.

During the Ovenclean process the specialist will remove all grease and burnt on food debris, as well as checking on the condition of the Zanussi oven. They will also have stock of replacement parts, such as lamps, seals and filters to maintain your oven and keep it running efficiently.

  1. Ovenclean professionals will introduce themselves and explain their process on arrival. They will ensure as little disruption to your home as possible, making sure they use precautions for keeping carpets and kitchen areas clean while they work.
  2. The specialist will bring all the tools they need with them and set up their work area in front of the Zanussi oven before they start.
  3. To carry out a deep clean of the oven, the Ovenclean specialist will get started by removing all the parts of the appliance, including the racks, supporting side racks, back panel and even the fan.
  4. If necessary, they will also remove the inner glass panel from the oven doors, to reach the areas many people struggle to get to by themselves.
  5. The oven will then be cleaned thoroughly, with safe, no-added caustic products.
  6. The specialist will also use equipment in their van to clean the parts they removed from the oven.
  7. When finished, the Zanussi oven will look spotless, and the Ovenclean specialist will leave the whole area looking clean and tidy.

To keep your Zanussi oven looking cleaner for longer, we advise cleaning the oven with a cloth regularly after usage. Alternatively, if it has a pyrolytic self-cleaning function, this could be used to maintain the oven condition.

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How to use the Zanussi oven pyrolytic self-cleaning function

Zanussi oven pyrolysis self-cleaning function turns food residue inside your oven into ash, to easily keep your oven clean and running efficiently. The PYR symbol on your Zanussi oven indicates that the pyrolytic self-cleaning function of the oven should be performed. In order to do this, there are a few things to do in preparation.

  1. Firstly, remove all of the trays and racking from inside the oven.
  2. Next, make sure to remove any loose dirt and food debris as possible, before using a cloth to wipe down the interior glass.
  3. Make sure the area is well ventilated during and after the Zanussi oven pyrolysis cleaning process. Small animals and birds can react to the fumes and temperature, so ensuring they have good ventilation is essential.
  4. Always refer to the user manual for your Zanussi oven before using the pyrolysis self-cleaning function. Then, depending on how dirty your oven is, choose the best cleaning program duration. Once this is selected, only start the function when the oven door is fully closed and safety locked.

When the self-cleaning cycle is complete, use a damp cloth to remove the ash from the oven and return the racking and trays to the inside.

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