How to Clean Oven Racks

As part of an Ovenclean service, we can easily restore the shine to your oven racks along with the rest of the oven: interior, glass, hob and all. But we understand the need to keep things shiny between deep cleans. Following our How to Clean a Microwave post, we’ve looked at a few different ways to clean oven racks and how to clean oven shelves. We have chosen our favourite method of cleaning oven racks (apart from using an Ovenclean technician of course) and included instructions for a nifty way to clean oven racks without scrubbing at all.

Elbow grease and washing up liquid

In our opinion, this is one of, if not the best way to clean oven racks. A lot can be said for the ability of Fairy liquid and its counterparts when it comes to cutting through grease. For regular cleans, soaking oven shelves in hot water and washing up liquid is all you need to loosen the dirt. Then simply wipe away, or use a scouring pad for tougher marks. For a quick and simple way of staying on top of things, this is the best route.

Branded solutions for cleaning oven racks

Ovenmate came up when we reviewed the best oven cleaners in the UK a while ago. This, and similar products require you to seal the oven shelves in a purpose-designed plastic bag, with the brand’s cleaning solution. After the allotted time, you can carefully remove the shelves from the bag, rinse and wash. The chemical nature of these cleaners can be a drawback for some since extra care is required when using them (Ovenclean use 100% safe, non-caustic solutions). However, they are self-contained and convenient, despite the care required.

You can also do a homemade version of this using ammonia, sealing it in a rubbish bag to soak outside, overnight. Ammonia isn’t the most pleasant thing to work with, but for a cheaper version than the branded products, it’s worth a shot.

How to clean oven racks with washing detergent

We spotted this method doing the rounds online and decided to give it a go – we were pleasantly surprised! This method is a great oven rack cleaner. Whilst we think that giving the shelves a quick once-over with some washing up liquid and hot water is the quickest and best way to keep them clean, this method means you hardly have to scrub at all! Which has to be worth something.


  • Greasy racks
  • Washing powder
  • Old towels/tablecloths
  • Bath
  • Hot water


  1. Place your old towels or tablecloths in the bottom of the bath. This will prevent your oven shelves from scratching the bath during the cleaning process
  2. Fill the bath with hot water
  3. Add a good amount of washing powder, at least a measuring ball full. Swirl it through the water. Biological or non-biological will work.
  4. Now that you have created your oven rack soaking tray, gently add the racks and leave them to soak overnight as the grease and grime dissolves.
  5. Lift out the racks and wipe the racks. The dirt should now lift easily away
  6. A washing up brush or even an old toothbrush will remove stubborn marks
  7. Rinse and return to the oven
  8. Enjoy the clean view during cooking

So there you have it: a wealth of choices and a couple of options for cleaning oven racks that will help you avoid scrubbing for hours. Of course, if you want to avoid cleaning the oven altogether, call us on 0800 840 7127, or complete our online form for your free quote.

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