Our Top 10 Tips for Safety in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of many people’s households, but kitchen safety is vital as there are many ways in which it can be dangerous, so it’s important to implement safety practices in the kitchen. Whether you’re a lover of baking and cooking or someone that doesn’t spend a lot of time in their kitchen, these 10 safety rules in the kitchen will be useful in helping to prevent injuries to you and your family.

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  1. Keep children and pets at a safe distance

Some children enjoy helping parents out in the kitchen, but you must teach them to stay out of the way when necessary and to keep their distance from hot appliances that haven’t yet cooled down. Furthermore, pets around your feet or lounging on the floor are tripping hazards, so it’s important to make sure that they are also kept at bay. It is important that all members of the household learn how to be safe in the kitchen.

  1. Don’t rush

Rushing around the kitchen will almost guarantee accidents. A top kitchen safety tip is to be careful and take your time when cutting food and moving pots and pans.

  1. Wipe up spills immediately

It’s easy to spill something in the kitchen when you’re multi-tasking and trying to tend to others. To improve safety in the kitchen it’s crucial that you clean up water, grease or oil immediately, before anyone trips and hurts themselves. Furthermore, food that is spilt in the oven and not cleaned up gives your food an unpleasant taste of smoke and charcoal, which is unhygienic and can cause illness.

  1. Keep your oven clean

Keeping your oven clean is a great kitchen safety tip because if food is spilt on your oven and not cleaned up, it can burn and set fire. Furthermore, if your oven is dirty then it will often produce black smoke, which can be very hazardous for you and your family. If you need your oven cleaning and would like a free quote, call us on 0800 840 7127, or complete our online form.

  1. Learn how to use knives

It is important to always consider safety measures in the kitchen when using utensils. So, make sure you educate yourself on how to slice and chop food properly with knives so that you don’t injure yourself.

  1. Check that your oven and other kitchen appliances are turned off

Leaving your oven and other kitchen appliances turned on could be a fire hazard or injure any pets and children if they’re left hot, so check that these are all turned off once you have finished using them to improve safety in the kitchen.

  1. Keep a first aid kit in the kitchen

A first aid kit is not only important for the bathroom, but you should also make sure you have one handy in the kitchen too. It should include gauze, burn salve, scissors, and the phone number for your doctors and nearby hospitals.

  1. Wear safe clothing and footwear

Be careful of what you wear whilst cooking or baking. Long sleeves, hair, scarves and jewellery can catch fire or tug at pots and pans, causing them to fall off the top of the stove.

  1. Sanitise your kitchen

A kitchen safety tip worth remembering is to clean your kitchen with cleaner as often as possible, to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading.

  1. Ensure your fire alarm works

According to the fire service, you are twice as likely to have a fatal fire in your home if you don’t own a smoke alarm. Most fires start in the kitchen, so don’t forget to check your smoke alarm battery regularly and replace your fire alarm once every 10 years.

Our top 10 safety in the kitchen tips may seem simple but are the most important things you can do to improve kitchen safety. It’s important that all members of the household follow safety rules in the kitchen to minimise the risk of accidents or fires. We hope that our 10 safety precautions in the kitchen will help you be more vigilant, so you can improve the safety of both you and your family.

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