Ovenclean Celebrates Most Successful Year on Record for Customer Enquiries

Ovenclean is celebrating its most successful year to date, citing the UK lockdown and a surge in home cooking behind a record number of leads generated for franchisees.

In the year to 30th June 2021, Ovenclean leads increased by 37 percent compared to the previous 12-month period, and for the first six months of 2021, leads were up 69 percent in comparison to the same period in 2020. This equates to an average of £3-4k worth of customer enquiries per franchisee per month! For one of the UK’s original oven cleaning companies, the figures mark its most successful ever year for leads in the company’s 27-year history.

National Marketing

In 2020, Ovenclean overhauled its branding and ramped up its social media and digital marketing activity, which helped generate a wealth of new leads. However, the company also cites the UK’s pandemic lockdown as a reason behind the surge in new business and increase in repeat customers.

Ovenclean’s Marketing Director Robin Auld said: “We’re delighted to be able to celebrate such fantastic results for our franchisees, especially given the wider economic climate and the impact the pandemic has had on so many industries.

“In our case, the Covid-19 restrictions saw people invest the money they were saving from commuting and socialising into their homes instead, as they wanted to improve their living spaces which suddenly had to become multi-functional.

“Because people couldn’t eat out, inevitably their ovens got used more meaning they got dirtier, more quickly. Additionally, many people who previously had a lack of interest in cooking used the spare time that lockdown granted them to experiment in the kitchen.

“Encouragingly, even as lockdown has eased over the last three months or so, we’ve continued to see record numbers of leads from customers who have discovered our service in the past year and now never want to go back to DIY oven cleaning. These people are so impressed with what we can offer, that they’re recommending us to their friends and family. We’re so pleased when we see this happening because it’s testament to the hard work our specialists put into their role.

“Since returning to work after the first lockdown, our franchisees have ensured the public’s homes can be a place of sanctuary rather than stress, whilst adhering to all safety guidelines. I want them to know their hard work and dedication is recognised and appreciated.”


Launched in 1994, the Ovenclean network currently stands at over 100 franchisees operating across the UK. Ovenclean franchisees clean all domestic oven brands and models, including electric ovens, gas ovens, Ranges, microwaves, hobs, extractor fans and also barbecues.

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