Ovenproof Dishes, Are You Using Them?

Ovenproof dishes are designed to withstand extreme temperatures in your oven, whilst also cooking the food evenly and equally. It’s very important to use ovenproof dishes, not just so your food turns out perfectly cooked but also from a safety perspective. So, we have put together a guide explaining the importance of ovenproof dishes in your kitchen.

Baking Traditional Shepard`s Pie in the Oven

Shattering Glass

If there are no labels or indications on your cooking dish that it is ‘ovenproof’ simply avoid it at all costs. Using non-oven-proof dishes can be dangerous and lead to glass shattering. The temperatures can become incredibly hot inside the oven. The oven temperature could soar so high that it can completely shatter the dish inside your oven. Not only would this leave an unsafe mess to clean up, but it may also result in long-lasting damage to your oven and of course your meal will be ruined.

Melting Decorative Dishes

As beautiful as decorative oven dishes look, you must always check the label to see if it is ovenproof and safe to use. Usually, decorative dishes have different patterns and colours on them. If the colours used on these dishes are not oven-safe, they could potentially leak and melt into your food. Not only will that ruin your cooking, it may also be dangerous if ingested. Stay safe and always check the label on your decorative dishes to ensure it is safe to use in the oven.

Equal Heating

Another risk you run if you are using non-oven-proof dishes is the quality of your cooking. Safe oven-proof dishes are designed to withhold extreme heat whilst also cooking your food evenly and equally. This means the food cooks at the correct temperature throughout creating the perfect cookery. Using nonsafe dishes may result in soggy, burnt or unevenly cooked food and nobody wants that.

Instructions and Labels

Usually, all oven-proof dishes will come with labels and instructions on how to use them safely and effectively. The instructions will explain exactly how much heat the dish will be able to withstand and how to get the most out of your dish. You can relax knowing that your food will cook properly, your oven will remain undamaged and you will have a long-lasting dish that can be reused many times without cracking or chipping.

Ovenproof Dishes: What to look for?

Do a little bit of research and discover the best brands to use, a good brand doesn’t always mean it is the most expensive in the shop. Have a read through other customer reviews and make a balanced judgment. Always look for dishes that are marked ‘ovenproof’ or ‘oven-safe’ if they do not have this label on them, the likely hood is, they are not safe to use in the oven. You can buy ovenproof dishes in supermarkets and homeware stores.

Professional Oven Cleaning

If you have found the perfect oven-proof dish, it is likely that lots of delicious cooking will take place in your oven. Over time, sticky grease and grime will build up, this can spoil the taste of your food. Ovenclean can get your oven sparkling again, ready for you to continue all of your fantastic cooking. You can get a free cleaning quote below.

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