Pyrolytic vs Catalytic Oven Cleaning: What is the Difference?

If there is one chore that is hated by the whole nation, it’s cleaning the oven. However, self-cleaning ovens offer a hassle-free way to clean the oven without the worry of manual scrubbing and harsh products. Self-cleaning ovens are typically split into two types: Pyrolytic and Catalytic. But what is the difference?

Below we discuss the differences between Pyrolytic and Catalytic self-cleaning ovens.

Pyrolytic Oven Cleaning

Pyrolytic meaning-  Pyrolytic oven cleaning is typically a lot tougher on food grime than catalytic cleaning. During a Pyrolytic cleaning cycle, the oven is heated to extreme temperatures of over 400 ºC. These high temperatures mean that all food deposits are burnt into ash and can be swept away.

Pyrolytic cleaning takes a few hours to complete, compared to just 30 minutes on a Catalytic. However, on most Pyrolytic ovens you can programme the cycle to begin at a time you will not be using the oven. It is also advised that you do not leave the house when the self-cleaning function is active. If you are worried about the dangers of the self-cleaning oven mode, then why not get a professional oven cleaning quote from Ovenclean?

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Is a Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Oven Safe?

When the Pyrolytic self-cleaning mode is activated, the oven will reach extremely high temperatures. This can be worrying for families with young children, however when the cleaning cycle is running, the door will remain locked.

For more information on safety, read our What are the Dangers of a Self-Cleaning Oven blog.

Pros of Pyrolytic Ovens:

  • Most effective type of self-cleaning oven, as it gives a much deeper clean than other self-cleaning functions.
  • Easy to use – once the cycle is complete, the grime can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth.
  • Once the oven cleaning programme is set, the door is locked. This prevents someone accidentally harming themselves during the clean.

Cons of Pyrolytic Ovens:

  • Pyrolytic ovens are typically more expensive then Catalytic ovens due to the engineering that is required for the extreme temperatures.
  • If someone accidentally puts the oven into the self-cleaning mode, the door will be locked for around 3 hours.


Catalytic Self-Cleaning Ovens

Catalytic ovens contain special catalytic liners inside the oven’s cavity. These specialist oven liners are fast absorbing so remove grease and grime from the oven. The main difference with Catalytic ovens is that they do not need to reach extreme temperatures to clean. During the cleaning cycle, the Catalytic oven is heated to around 200 ºC, so it can burn off grease and food deposits. Then the excess grease can be removed with a damp cloth. However, it may require some extra elbow grease to remove this mess, compared to the Pyrolytic oven, which burns the food residue to ash.


Pros of Catalytic Ovens:

  • Quicker than Pyrolytic – It only takes around 20-30 minutes for the oven to be cleaned.
  • Typically, Catalytic ovens are cheaper to buy than Pyrolytic ovens.
  • Easy to use – there is no preparation needed, simply put the oven into self-cleaning mode and watch the magic happen!


Cons of Catalytic Ovens:

  • A Catalytic oven will not give you a deep oven clean. You will likely need to manually clean the oven after the process is finished.
  • Not every surface in the oven is covered by the specialist liners. This means you may need to clean the top and bottom of the oven yourself.
  • Finally, this may not be an ideal oven for those who like to bake. Catalytic ovens cannot clean sugar off the oven due to the low temperatures.

So, which do you think is the best self cleaning oven?

Professional Deep Oven Cleaning

The alternative to self-cleaning ovens is professional oven cleaning. Ovenclean specialists eliminate the stress of oven cleaning, with a unique system that is the perfect solution to restore your oven. Ovenclean specialists use our unique range of no added caustic solutions, so your home will be fume free and safe.

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