Every now and then you come across a tradesperson and realise you have found an absolute gem. One such person is definitely Colin Bell from Ovenclean. Colin had the task of cleaning our cooker, not a task I envied him.  Not only did he pitch into this odious task, he did it with a smile on his face.  Little did he know! The hob was returned to its former glory in minutes, before he started on the ovens.  The top one presented him with no problems and the end result was a beautiful oven, back to the original manufactured condition. This isn't a case of just spraying the oven with a cleaning agent, but a dismantling of the entire oven interior, and the removal of the fan and panels. My oven was laid bare in all its horrible glory.  What I thought of as a superficially dirty oven, was in fact encased in burnt on food and fat.  It had crept behind the panels and baked on over the years. Colin simply shrugged his shoulders and set to work.  I simply hid at the sight of the growing pile of carbon he removed, enough to set up a small chemical factory. He told me that the oven door seal was leaking, and that he had reinstated it upside down to prevent it leaking on the floor.  A simple but very effective solution.  The door was removed as were the glass panels.  All were cleaned separately and I could actually see through it again. Splendid! Whilst Colin tackled the interior, all the racking, trays and internal components were in a chemical treatment bath in the service van.  Once rinsed, they were miraculously sparkling again, a joy to see. The oven I'm sure would have been easier to tackle with a hammer and chisel but Colin had his own methods, and to say the oven looked beautiful does not do justice to all his hard work.  The oven wasn't just cleaned but protected from further attack from the chemicals I had previously poured over it. He took great care to ensure everything was protected and left the kitchen spotless. Recommend him? He should be put on a pedestal.  A joy to have in your house.


Once again cracking job yesterday and many thanks for the professional job that you completed on our cooker at home. My wife was really pleased.

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