Are Microwave Ovens Dangerous?

Microwaves are easily the most convenient cooking appliance in the kitchen. You can cook anything at the touch of a button in a matter of minutes. Microwave cooking is perfect after a long day at work when you haven’t got the energy to cook and prepare a meal from scratch. However, there is lots of speculation as to whether there are any dangers of microwaves and if microwave cooking is safe or if it could be causing us harm. We have put together a simple guide to outline potential issues of using a microwave.

Are Radiation Waves Safe?

Microwaves use high-frequency radio waves which make the molecules in food move super quick which creates heat. The waves pass through materials such as plastic, glass and paper that reach the food. This evidentially produces a type of radiation. Radiation caused by the radio waves does not mean your food is now radioactive. Microwaves use non-ionizing radiation which is very different to ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is what is used for X-rays, in large portions this kind of radiation can be dangerous.

Modern kitchen microwave oven

The Dangers of Microwaves

Non-ionizing radiation is completely different and doesn’t have the ability to cause these effects. However, do not stand too close to your microwave whilst food is being heated up. Leaking radiation is rare and all manufacturing companies have to prove that their microwaves only produce a minuscule amount. Damaged and faulty microwaves are more at risk of a radiation leak. It is important to keep on top of checking your microwaves for faults regularly to keep safe. Generally, if you have a working microwave with no defaults, it shouldn’t cause any harm to your health. 

Is Superheating Safe?

Superheating is actually far more of a concern than anything else when it comes to microwave dangers. The liquid is heated up to a temperature higher than its boiling point temperature. The liquid is so hot that it cannot release the steam and it becomes very dangerous and unstable. As soon as the liquid is disturbed, either by adding something or stirring it, the steam is instantly released. The steam being released at this time can cause a big eruption of the liquid. This eruption and explosion of the liquid is extremely hot and can cause severe burns. To avoid superheating, ensure you stop the microwave regularly to stir the liquid, this releases the steam steadily and safely. Using a kettle is a much safer alternative to heating water up in the microwave.

Nutritional Value

There is lots of speculation on whether or not microwave cooking makes food less healthy. There is no research to show that microwaves decrease the nutritional value of food. Microwave meals tend to be unhealthier than conventional homemade cooking. However, this has nothing to do with how the food is cooked, but the actual food itself. There are lots of studies that show overcooked food can lose its nutrients. It does not matter if the food is cooked in a microwave or an oven.

Professional Microwave Cleaning

professional microwave clean

Overall, there are many dangers of microwaves, they all have their own risks just like other kitchen appliances, however, using these appliances safely and sensibly will reduce the risks dramatically. Microwaves are safe, time-saving appliances that are great for quick easy meals. Cleaning microwaves can sometimes feel like a chore, but there is no need to worry. Ovenclean not only clean ovens but we also clean microwaves too! You can get a free, no-obligation quote below.

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