How Often Should You Clean Your Microwave?

Microwaves are prone to spills, splatters and lingering nasty odours causing stains, grease and grime. If you are looking to avoid big build-ups of grime and mess, cleaning your microwave regularly is the way forward. We have put together an easy-to-read guide so that you know just how often you should be cleaning your microwave.

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How Often Should I Clean the Microwave?

Save yourself time in the long run and give your microwave a wipe down after each and every use. Although this may seem like a lot of effort, daily wipe downs will reduce the number of deep cleans needed in the future.

If you don’t have time to clean your microwave after each use, try and clean it at least twice a week. Leaving the splattered food for long periods of time will not only cause nasty odours but is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria will turn to mould and nobody wants a mould ridden microwave.

Food spillages and splatters left for long periods of time may also affect the taste of your food. The particles and bacteria can go into your cooking and not only spoil the taste of your food but may also cause harm to your health. Just remember frequent cleaning is key in maintaining a hygienic, clean microwave.

Use Safe Cleaning Products

Avoid using commercial cleaning products that may contain harmful toxins in the microwave. High street products can leave residue inside the microwave once you have finished. So, it is important to ensure you have removed all the product to avoid these odours entering your food. There are many effective ways to clean your microwave with natural ingredients, you can view these methods here. Plus, you can always opt for hot soapy water. Hot soapy water will kill the germs without leaving the harsh chemicals.

Why Should I Clean the Microwave?

Grease and grime can quickly build in the microwave when food splatters are not cleaned up. Not only will the build-up of these substances decrease the efficiency of your microwave but it can also be dangerous. It can be dangerous to your health if the bad bacteria enters the food you are cooking. The leftover splatters and pieces of food could be the cause of a fire and could void your warranty. To protect not only your health and safety but also your microwaves life span, it’s important to look after your microwave. 

Professional Microwave Cleaning

If you have no luck cleaning your microwave with high street products, then look no further. Our Ovenclean specialists use a unique no added caustic cleaning system to produce outstanding results. Our specialists not only clean ovens but also AGAS, microwaves, ranges, hobs and BBQs. The best part is, you can use your microwave immediately afterwards without your food being exposed to any harmful odours or residue. Get a free quote here.

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