2019 Kitchen Trends

We’re four months into 2019 already! With more and more renovators sharing their journey on social media, some exciting kitchen trends are starting to become apparent. Check out our favourite trends below:

  1. Oven Flowers

    Image: @mrshinchhome (instagram)
    More people are starting to use their ovens as more than a functional appliance. When you’re not using your oven, why not decorate it and make it a great focal point of the room? This helps to make your kitchen welcoming, but you must be careful not to put anything on top of a hot hob!

  2. Monochrome Themes

    From tiles to worktops, the monochrome look is making a great comeback. We love the clean and sharp feel of this. Plus, the added benefit of injecting colour with just accessories. This gives the freedom to change up your kitchen at any point, without the costly outlay that normally comes with it.

  3. Wine Racks

    Image: @blakesldn (instagram)
    While wine racks have always been a great addition to the kitchen, they are becoming more popular. With bottles being made to look nice, as well as serve a purpose, many are using these as a great way to add character to a kitchen. We love this great use of space by @blakesldn!

  4. Low Hanging Lighting

    We love how this looks so industrial, yet homey! This great style lights up any morning and makes a room seem more modern. Check out this look from @thehousebuild for some great inspiration.

  5. Marble…EVERYTHING!

    Image: @homeasy.kitchen (instagram)
    Marble is really coming back into fashion, from flooring to worktops, or even accessories! Marble is a lovely, clean way to bring some style into the kitchen.

So, if you’re thinking of freshening up your kitchen, or simply starting over, these trends can help you on your way.

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