Renovating your kitchen is no mean feat, but deciding what oven to have can be even harder. Do you go for a modern ensemble, or opt for something more traditional like an Aga? Are you looking for something that can cook a Christmas lunch for 20, or an oven just big enough for two?

Well, renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to put you in a state of confusion. Here, we look at some top oven tips to consider before you start.

1. Assess the space you have

One of the key things to think about is how much space you have. Before you begin renovating your kitchen, you’ll need the room dimensions without any kitchen cabinetry included. This allows you to get a true picture of where you can put things, and how many units you can have. What’s more, you’ll better understand what type of oven will fit.

2.Think about style

Do you prefer a super-modern kitchen with all the bells and whistles, or something more traditional like a country style kitchen with an Aga? Determining the style of your kitchen renovation before you begin will help you find the perfect cooker and oven combo.

3.Decide what works for your lifestyle

A good oven should stand the test of time and be relied on to produce culinary masterpieces all year round. Choosing an oven that works for your lifestyle both now and in the future means you won’t suddenly find that you need to change it.

If you’re planning to have children, for example, you might want an oven that’s big enough for the family and easy to clean when you’re on a tight schedule. However, if the children have flown the nest and there’s just one or two of you in the house, you might opt for something smaller and more luxurious.

4. Work out how much oven maintenance you’ll need

Cleaning ovens can be a painstaking task, and it’s often much easier to delegate the job to the experts. But in between expert cleans, you might be looking for an oven that’s easy to maintain. Nowadays, there are lots of ovens for sale that offer wipe-clean enamel surfaces, self-cleaning technology and steam modes, which all help.

Self-cleaning ovens might sound like something from a sci-fi film, but these types of ovens are said to do the hard work for you, without the need for chemicals. From pyrolytic ovens to those with catalytic linings, both types reduce grease and grime to ash at high temperatures, making them much easier to clean.

5. Decide the best position for your oven

When you’re renovating your kitchen, it can be easy to get carried away with aesthetics. But focusing on practicality right from the start can help you avoid expensive mistakes.

Thinking about how you cook and what you might need near you can influence your final decision. In fact, many kitchen designers talk about the magical ‘triangle’, which is where you have the sink, fridge and oven in a carefully arranged trio. By thinking about the practicalities as part of your kitchen renovation project, you can make sure your oven position works for you as chief cook.

Whatever Oven you decide on, keep it sparkling with a regular professional clean

Whichever type of oven you choose during your kitchen renovation, keeping on top of cleaning and maintenance is key in making it last. Although cleaning the oven is one of the jobs that goes to the bottom of the pile, making it a part of your regular cleaning routine means you won’t have months of muck to scrub off. After all, if you’re spending thousands of pounds on a kitchen renovation, you want your kitchen to sparkle – oven and all.

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