How to Declutter your Kitchen? 

A clutter-free and sparkling clean kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. However, the reality for most of us is the kitchen surfaces covered in unused kitchen appliances, a pile of takeaway leaflets (we all have one) and cupboards so full to the brim, they are kept shut.

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If you walk into your kitchen and immediately want to walk out because of the mess and disorder, then it’s probably time to get organised. If you are looking to declutter your kitchen, then we have some top tips for you to follow. Here’s to a happy clutter-free kitchen!

Tackle one area at a time

If you have a large kitchen, it is a good idea to break the kitchen into sections. If you have a smaller kitchen, here are our Top 10 Kitchen Storage Hacks for Small Spaces.


  • Kitchen Cupboards

    • Decluttering the kitchen cupboards will uncover items you had forgotten you own, so you can decide whether to keep, bin or donate them to charity.
    • If you have a cupboard full of Tupperware, throw away any tubs that don’t have lids and then organise the remaining into size order.
  • Kitchen Drawers

    • A kitchen is not a kitchen without ‘the junk drawer’, you know the one. We call it the ‘junk’ drawer for a reason, it’s likely filled with lots of items that don’t belong in the kitchen. Clear it out and organise the items you want to keep neatly.
    • If you have a drawer filled with kitchen utensils, consider where they could be hung up instead. Perhaps on the back of a cupboard or above the hob, hanging utensils up will save you space and make them easier to find.
  • Work Surfaces

    • If you don’t use a kitchen appliance every day, such as the kettle and toaster, remove it from the work surfaces and create an organised place for it in the cupboard or drawer.
    • Clutter-free work surfaces will transform your kitchen’s overall appearance in minutes!
  • Under the Sink

    • Declutter the sink cupboard by sorting through the cleaning products and discarding any out of date products. Consider using natural cleaning products, such as lemon, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to further simplify your cleaning cupboard.
    • Consider investing in a cleaning caddy to organise all your products.
    • Hang cleaning cloths and sponges on the back of the cupboard door to save space.

Set a timer

Dedicate a set amount of time to each section of the kitchen, and challenge yourself to see how much you can get done in 15 or 20 minutes.

Ask yourself: Do I really need this?

Go through every item in the kitchen, from food processors to measuring jugs and mugs and ask yourself these questions: Do I use this item? Do I need this item?

If you haven’t used a kitchen item in over a year or feel you don’t need it, then decide whether to take these items to the rubbish tip, charity shop or sell them.

Give everything a place

If your kitchen is a dumping ground for toys, tools, homework or the dog, then it’s a wise decision to return anything that does not belong in the kitchen to its rightful place.

kitchen cupboard organised with utensils

Easy items to declutter

  • Old dishcloths and tea towels
  • Unused appliances
  • Unused cookbooks
  • Old cutlery
  • Sauces and spices
  • Empty jars
  • Takeaway flyers, leaflets and post
  • Old or unused glasses and mugs
  • Mixing bowls and baking equipment
  • Medicine cupboard

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Make a plan to keep the kitchen clutter-free

Create a daily plan to keep the kitchen free from clutter. Open post as it arrives, organise letters in a folder and recycle any spam post straight away. Ensure everything is put away in its rightful place every night before bed, so you can wake up each morning to an organised kitchen.

Professional Oven Cleaning

Ovenclean Specialist with OvenIf you want to further spruce up your clutter-free kitchen, then why not book a professional oven clean. A dirty oven can make your kitchen look dull and even make food taste bad, so contact your local oven cleaning specialist today for a free, no obligation quote.

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