The Best Advice for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Wondering how to clean a kitchen? Wonder no more! The kitchen is probably the most used room in your home, so whether you cook every night or batch cook on the weekends, it’s only normal for your kitchen to become messy. The reality is, your kitchen needs your attention every day, ignoring the washing up or forgetting to clean the surfaces can lead to a much bigger job on the weekend, and who wants to clean on the weekends? (not us!) Here are just some of the ways you can keep your kitchen clean and safe for the whole family.

Clean while you wait

If you find yourself waiting around in the kitchen – use your time wisely. If you are waiting for the kettle to boil, then why not put the dishes away or unload the dishwasher, you could wipe over the hob or clean the kitchen counters; you will be amazed at what you can achieve in the time it takes for the kettle to boil or chicken to defrost. These few minutes of cleaning will all contribute to keeping the kitchen clean and tidy for longer.

Clean the sink after washing up

It may seem obvious but it is totally worth it! Always empty the sink of dishwater as soon as you are finished washing up. A bowl full of dirty, greasy water can leave a lingering smell in your kitchen. We are all guilty of leaving small deposits of food in the sink plughole, but it takes seconds to pick them up and put them in the bin (use rubber gloves if it freaks you out!). Finish the sink off by sanitising with a kitchen cleaner and clean cloth. When you wake up to a clean and fresh kitchen in the morning, you won’t regret it.

Clean spillages as soon as possible

Again, it may seem like an obvious tip for keeping the kitchen clean, but life is rarely that simple and spillages can be missed when you are rushing out of the door in a hurry. The truth is, if you clean a kitchen spillage up as soon as it happens it will be much easier to clean then a day later when it has become dried-on gloop!

Clean as you go

From our experience, cooking normally turns into organised chaos, every pan you own is on the counter, the sink is full of pots and where did those food splatters come from? But you can always find time to clean as you cook in order to keep the kitchen clean. Before you start cooking, prepare a bowl of warm soapy water, while food is cooking put away any utensils you don’t need and wipe the surfaces.

Have a place for everything in the kitchen

Make sure every pot, pan, knife and spatula has home in the kitchen. Keep all of your utensils in a pot or organise them on hooks. Organising your kitchen will make it look instantly cleaner and keep the kitchen clean.

Cover food when using the microwave

The easiest and best way to avoid food splatters in your microwave is to cover your food when cooking. Either use a microwave lid (available at most supermarkets) or a piece of kitchen roll to avoid food exploding in the microwave. This simple technique will make cleaning the microwave much easier and help you keep the kitchen clean.

Vacuum the kitchen floor, don’t sweep.

Sweeping the kitchen floor is great when you need a quick clean fix, but more often than not you will actually spread the dirt around the kitchen. However, vacuuming will ensure you get into all the corners of the kitchen, throwing the vacuum around every couple of days will help you keep on top of the kitchen clean.

clean kitchen with grey tile floor and kitchen table

Regularly clean kitchen cloths

To keep your kitchen clean and safe, it is important to regularly clean and change your cleaning cloths. Dirty, damp kitchen cloths make the perfect habitat for bacteria to breed. Make sure you thoroughly wash cloths, sponges and brushes every few days and leave them to dry before using again.

Top Tip: use a different coloured cloth for different areas of the kitchen, for example, pink for the sink and blue for the worktops, this will help stop the spread of bacteria.

Tea towels can also fall victim to those pesky germs, so change your tea towel every day and wash them on a high temperate in the washing machine.

Invest in a good splatter screen

If you haven’t heard of a splatter screen, you are in for a treat! A splatter screen (available from most supermarkets) stops droplets of grease from Friday nights steak or Sunday mornings pancakes landing on your hob or splattering on your kitchen tiles. It’s a wonderful little gadget that will definitely keep your kitchen clean when cooking foods that like to jump out of the pan!

Line your oven

Whether you have a gas oven, electric oven, Aga cooker or Range, the cooker can quickly become one of the dirtiest appliances and affect the overall appearance of your clean kitchen. Oven liners reduce the grime that collects in your oven by catching any drips of food that would normally burn onto the floor of the oven.

Make a plan and get everyone involved

That’s everything you need to know on how to clean a kitchen. Hopefully you are feeling motivated to keeping the kitchen clean, but in a couple of days, these tips could all be a distant memory. If this is the case it is a good idea to make a plan, if you have a family or children, get them involved. Set them kitchen cleaning tasks for a reward.

You could also schedule certain times of the day for a kitchen cleaning chore, for example put the dishes away while breakfast is cooking and wash up as soon as you are finished dinner, so you always wake up to a clean kitchen.


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