National Pie Day 2019

23rd January marks National Pie Day, an American holiday born in the ’70s. Although our friends over the pond may have introduced the holiday, the British pie is just as loved here!

Pies were brought to the UK by the Romans, who would use the pastry as more of a container to store and transport food. Believe it or not, they never actually ate the pastry. The first sweet pie also originated in Britain. During the late 16th century, a Cherry Pie was served to Queen Elizabeth I.

The pie diversifies to suit everybody’s tastes. From the sweet and savoury fillings to the different types of pastry available.
But, which is your favourite? We’ve listed some of ours below:

Steak and Ale Pie by BBC GoodFood

The classic steak and ale pie is one of our all-time favourites. This easy to follow recipe from BBC GoodFood will help you make up the perfect pie. Pair it with chips or mash and gravy, for the greatest winter warmer.

Apple Pie by All Recipes UK

A lovely sweet dessert. The apple pie can be paired with ice cream for a summer treat or warmed with custard on a cold day. Check out this tasty recipe from All Recipes UK for your weekend dessert.

Balti Pie by Mob Kitchen

Check out this recipe from Mob Kitchen to recreate the iconic dish at home. This football stadium classic was introduced in 1997 by Shire foods for Walsall and Aston Villa Football Club. They are now served at over 70 football clubs. It is a great mix up of some of the most delicious foods.

Lemon Meringue Pie by Delia Online

A sweet twist on the classic pie. This pie substitutes the pastry topping for a generous mounting of fluffy meringue. Fancy something a little more difficult? This recipe from Delia Online is a great one to try.

So, what’s your favourite pie, sweet or savoury?

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