A recent study, which has been published today in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, conducted by psychologists across 3 countries, has proven that people who spend money to save time, are actually happier and have better life satisfaction, then those who use the money to buy goods.

Following the survey of more than 6,000 individuals, a two-week experiment was undertaken. The first weekend individuals were asked to buy things that would save them time – such as paying for someone to clean for them, and the second weekend they were asked to spend it on material objects such as wine and clothes. The reduced anxiety as a result of freeing up time when spending money on services such as a cleaner, meant people were happier and experienced increased life satisfaction, when compared to spending money on material possessions.

Psychologist professor, Dr Elizabeth Dunn, from the University of British Columbia in Canada, who worked alongside colleagues at Maastricht University and Harvard Business School comments, “Money can in fact buy time. And it buys time pretty effectively… so my take home message is, ‘think about it, is there something you hate doing that fills you with dread and could you pay somebody else to do that for you?’ If so, then science says that’s a pretty good use of money.”

As most will agree, cleaning the oven is Britain’s most hated household chore, and is a pretty arduous task if done thoroughly, so using a company such as Ovenclean to take care of it for you will not only save you time, but given the results of the research above, will actually make you happier than spending the money on new clothes or homeware, for example.

Ovenclean is one of the UK’s original oven cleaning companies. Your local Ovenclean specialist is able to clean all domestic oven brands and models, including electric ovens, gas ovens, ranges, microwaves, hobs, extractor fans and also barbecues. All removable components such as racks, doors and glass are cleaned using specialist equipment in the fully-equipped Ovenclean liveried vans. Ovenclean also use a no added caustic system, ensuring customers benefit from a safe and hygienic environment, leaving the oven ready to use as soon as the clean is complete!

So why not save yourself some valuable time, decrease your stress levels, and actually become happier – request your free estimate with us today! 

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