Oven Cleaning Techniques for Stoves

It’s pretty common knowledge that cleaning the oven is one of the most hated household chores. But, nevertheless oven cleaning is a must. So if you have invested in a Stoves oven, you may want to know the easiest techniques for cleaning. A dirty Stoves oven not only looks unappealing but can increase the risk of a fire and cause your oven to be inefficient.

Deep oven cleaning doesn’t always need chemicals, there are many different natural cleaning techniques which can be used on your Stoves oven. Below we have listed some of our favourite Stoves oven cleaning techniques for a sparkling clean finish.

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Stove Electric Oven Cleaning with White Vinegar and Steam

Using steam and white vinegar to clean the inside of your oven is chemical-free and does a lot of the hard work for you – bonus!

  1. To begin the steam clean, first remove the oven racks, but leave one in place, in the middle of the oven.
  2. Get a oven safe dish or bowl, halve filled with water and half with white vinegar.
  3. Turn your electric oven onto a high setting and place the bowl on the middle rack.
  4. Leave the steam to work its magic for 30-40 minutes.
  5. After the time has passed, turn the oven off and allow to cool.
  6. Once cold, open the oven door and wipe the inside of the oven with a damp cloth. The grime should melt away and make the task much easier.

Lemons and Water Bake Cleaning

This cleaning technique is similar to the above with uses lemons instead of white vinegar for a fresh natural scent. All you need is two lemons and some hot water.

  1. Fill an oven-proof pan with hot water and squeeze in the juice of two lemons.
  2. Once all squeezed, add the remaining lemon to the pan.
  3. Pop the pan in the oven, turn the heat on full, close the door and allow enough time for the water to boil. The combination will break down the grease and grime ready for cleaning.
  4. Turn off the oven and allow the oven to cool down before using a damp cloth to wipe away all the grime. Not only will the grease come off much easier, the kitchen will have a fresh citrus scent from the lemons.

Clean Stove Racks in the Bathroom!

The size of oven racks can sometimes make them difficult to clean in the kitchen sink. However there is another option – the bath tub!

  1. Before you begin, line the bath tub with old towels to prevent it from being scratched.
  2. Fill the bath with hot water and a few drops of washing up liquid or a dishwasher tab.
  3. Once nice and bubbly, submerge the oven racks under the water and allow them to soak for a couple of hours.
  4. Once soaked, give them a good scrub using a heavy-duty scrubber. Top tip: Get in the nooks and crannies by using an old toothbrush!
  5. Give the racks a rinse, dry and pop them back in the oven.

Professional Stoves Oven Clean

Cleaning the oven can be a really dirty and tough task, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. It can sometimes take hours to get rid of all that nasty grease and grime. But, don’t worry, we understand how frustrating of a task it can be, which is why we think it’s always best to leave this job to the professionals. Sit back and relax whilst we transform your oven! All of our products are made using no-added caustic solutions meaning they are safe to use around children and pets. Contact us today for a FREE oven cleaning quote.

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