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Blitz your barbecue before summer ends!

As we wave goodbye to summer, it is now time to start reluctantly putting our barbecues away; but before we do, it is imperative that they are cleaned properly to save germs festering, say food hygiene experts.

According to Ovenclean, the UK's original and most successful oven cleaning specialist, cleaning your barbecue grills might not be as exciting as preparing delectable barbecue food, but keeping them clean is paramount to ensure your food tastes great as well as being safe to eat. "When you put your barbecue away for the summer, its worth bearing in mind that the longer you leave it to clean, the harder the job will be and the more germs will have developed. By the time you come to use it again next year, a dirty barbecue could prove a real potential health hazard.

"A dirty barbecue poses a number of health risks and could lead to food poisoning, so it's imperative that barbecues are thoroughly cleaned. Research shows that charred food, like those found on used barbecue grills, fester with multiplying bacteria and may contain cancer-causing agents," he added.

Ovenclean can remove grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits in around two hours from ovens, hobs, microwaves, BBQs and Agas - using 100 percent caustic free cleaning solutions ensuring a safe, hygienic and fume-free environment, so your appliances are safe to use as soon as the cleaning job is complete.