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Jubilant Jubilee Guide...


During the weekend of the 2nd - 5th June, the majority of the British population will be enjoying a double bank holiday to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. In a celebration which is tipped to be 'bigger than the Olympics', many people will be holding street parties and community events to mark 60 years since Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne, making her only the second monarch in history to do so.

But if you are unsure of what to do to mark such a momentous historical occasion check out the suggestions below from leading oven cleaning specialist, Ovenclean.

Party like 1977

The Jubilee is a great opportunity to bring the community together and celebrate with your neighbours. Make your favourite British food to take along, why not bake a Jubilee Victoria Sponge Cake, Bakewell Tart or traditional scones with jam and cream. Perhaps you will discover your neighbour's musical talents as they blast out a live performance of 'God Save the Queen.'

Picnic with the Queen

If you live in London, you will be able to take part in one of the many Jubilee events that will be taking place around the city. Why not take a picnic to one of the key riverside spots and have a lazy lunch whilst the Queen's flotilla passes by?

Great British BBQ

A double bank holiday is a great time to enjoy a summer BBQ, but why not make it a 'Great British BBQ' celebration to mark the Jubilee? Invite all your friends; serve up the best Welsh lamb and Aberdeen Angus burgers, followed by strawberries and cream and have a rocking royal time!

Live like a Queen for a day

What better way to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, than living like royalty for a day - so why not treat yourself and get someone to do it for you. A company such as Ovenclean can restore your oven to practically as good as new leaving you to put your feet up and watch the Jubilee celebrations on the TV.

And if you can't really be doing with Jubilee hype why not hold your own,

Alternative Jubilee Antics

Bang on the sex pistols, wear your favourite red, white and blue regalia and cook your favourite curry. Even if you are not going to be getting out the Charles and Di mug, you can still thank the Queen for the extra day off work.