Is your oven party-season ready?

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Is your oven party-season ready?

As we head towards the winter months, BBQ’s and light salads are replaced with hearty casseroles and comfort food, and the likeliness is that your oven is getting used a lot more now than in the summer months.

It is therefore the perfect time to make sure your oven is in tip top condition for all the festive entertaining you will be doing over the next couple of months and below are a few key areas to look out for and deal with before planning any parties!

  1. An oven door that is no longer see-through - Over time grease and grime can build up on your oven door making it impossible to tell whether your soufflé is rising perfectly or burning to a crisp! Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this – but a bit of elbow grease, time and patience will get your oven door sparkling again.
  2. The smell of burning every time you turn on the oven - It is very easy for food to bubble over whilst cooking, which then ends up welding itself to the floor of your oven and every time you turn the oven on, it burns a little more. One tip for lessening this is to line the base of your oven with tin foil or a baking tray, which can easily be replaced or cleaned so that burnt on food deposits don’t build up.
  3. Taking longer for your oven to get up to temperature - Regular cooking can take its toll on your oven, causing a build-up of grease and food deposits in places which could harm the efficiency of your oven. If this happens your food may take longer to cook and it could ultimately end up costing you more in gas or electric!
  4. Plumes of smoke when you open the oven door - If every time you open the oven door a waft of smoke fills the air, it is definitely time for a deep clean to ensure your food isn’t tainted with a smoky aftertaste!

Obviously, you could spend hours on your hands and knees using potentially caustic and harmful products and inhaling their putrid fumes to make sure your oven is spick and span, or you could get in the professionals who will leave your oven in pristine condition in less than a couple of hours.

Ovenclean, the UK’s original oven cleaning specialist uses a system that is 100% caustic-soda free and ensures a safe, hygienic and fume-free environment meaning appliances are safe to use as soon as the cleaning job is complete.

Ovenclean can remove grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits in around two hours from ovens, hobs, microwaves, BBQs and Agas.