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Children's cooking made easy

Around this time every year, a unanimous scream is emitted from households across the country as mums and dads alike try to come up with ways of entertaining their children during the summer holidays.

A great way to pass the time is to encourage cooking and baking, something that can be done as a family with yummy rewards at the end! Recipes can be tailored to children of different ages, where older children can be in charge of making, and younger children are in charge of decorating.

We’ve created some delicious recipes for you to try:

Spanish Omelette
Kids Cupcakes
Baked Dippy Eggs
Rainbow Biscuits

But - before you start, take a look at our top tips for baking harmoniously!

1)      Delegate – arguments occur when kids want to do the same task, so make sure before you start that you give everyone a specific ‘job’. That way there can be no tantrums!

2)      Turn it into a competition –perhaps encourage the children with a ‘bake off’ where an adult will be blindfolded and pick a winner!

3)      Encourage clearing up as you go – there’s nothing worse than finishing the cakes and everyone rushing off to watch TV, leaving mum or dad to tidy up!

4)      If you are cooking or baking as part of a play date, remember to give the visiting child some of the goodies to take home with them, otherwise you’ll be eating cake for days!

5)      Either laminate your recipes or put them in a plastic wallet, chances are they’re about to get very messy!

6)      Above all, enjoy! Hopefully you should end up with some yummy treats and you never know, it may lead to your little ones cooking for you more often!

And if you don’t fancy getting your kitchen in a state – we’ve also put together a list of cookery schools you can send your little ones to, so you can get a few hours rest!

Tideswell School of Food – Buxton, Derbyshire

Ashdown Manna Cookery School – Blackham, East Sussex

The Healthy Chefs Cookery School – Stanwick, Wellingborough

Swinton Park Cookery Courses – Ripon, North Yorkshire

The Kids Cookery School - London

Bordeaux Quay - Bristol

The Pumpkin Patch Kitchen & Garden – Carmarthen