Britain is baking crazy

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Britain is baking crazy

Over the past few years, Britain has seen a huge resurgence in amateur bakers. What was previously synonymous with middle aged housewives has now come back into fashion, with more and more people making cakes, pastries and pies on a regular basis.

Cooking in general has always been a long term love of the British, with Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson paving the way to encouraging more people to spend time in the kitchen. But the more recent phenomenon of bringing back baking is taking the country by storm.

Mary Berry has become akin to British royalty with her tantalising and intricate recipes on the Great British Bake Off and her style of feedback is different to most judges on TV, offering more constructive criticism than other reality shows. In this economic climate where people are looking for inexpensive past times, is this kind of programme offering people the encouragement they need?

You can rarely flick through your social media newsfeed without seeing people promoting their friends ‘cupcake company’ or photographs of their latest baking creation. The internet is bursting with recipes and tips and it has never been easier to find something wonderful to bake easily and quickly.

Recent reports have suggested young people, 18-24, are the group most likely to be baking, which is vastly different to the market 10 years ago. This makes baking a more sociable experience at a time when digital networking is dominating many relationships. But, what’s more, we are learning from these shows and this can only be a positive thing.

With Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning this week, if you haven’t tried your hand at baking yet, why not give it a go for a good cause. And if you’re stuck for ideas – here’s one of our favourite recipes! All this baking is great news for us at Ovenclean, as people are getting plenty of use out of their ovens whilst baking their culinary delights! It’s always a good idea to get rid of the ‘baking failure’ smells to stop them haunting your house, just get in touch with your local specialist to get your oven looking like new.