Going... going... gone green!

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Going... going... gone green!

It was ‘Go Green Week’ a couple of weeks ago and we provided some tips and advice to help you start being more green at home.  Just because it’s finished, doesn’t mean you should stop doing all the great new things you’ve started!

In line with Go Green Week, we checked our carbon footprints online and were surprised by what we found about our own habits. One of the major things the calculators test is your home appliance usage, as that accounts for a large amount of emissions. Here at Ovenclean, we are big advocates of green living and we don’t just save you time by cleaning your oven, we also help it to run more efficiently.

Cleaning your oven regularly will ultimately extend your products life and ensure it’s running to full capacity at all times. Deep cleaning items that are often missed, such as the fan and other internal components will allow the oven to heat up faster using less power. You’ll actually be able to follow the exact timings in your recipe books again!

Just by regularly taking the time to clean your oven, it ensures that it’s always working at its best and will save you money in the long run as parts are less likely to need to be replaced. Once the glass in your oven has been cleaned, you’ll be amazed how clearly you can see your delicious food again!

If you missed any of our social media green tips, just search #gogreenweek in Twitter and Facebook for some of our tips and advice you can take on board for around the home. What’s more, if you want to make your oven run more efficiently, give Ovenclean a call on 0800 840 7127 and we will have it looking its sparkling best in no time!