Blitz your BBQ ready for Winter

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Blitz your BBQ ready for Winter

As the days get shorter and the warmer weather becomes more Autumnal, now is the perfect time to prepare your BBQ for Winter and avoid the hassle next Summer, by getting it professionally cleaned before storing it away!

“After the Summer we’ve had, hopefully you’ve managed to get outside, enjoy some alfresco dining and make use of your BBQ?!” comments Tim Harris, Ovenclean CEO. “Although BBQ’s are great fun and a fantastic way to socialise with friends, they are really quite a bore to keep clean. It is necessary to clean your BBQ grill (be it a gas or charcoal BBQ) with a wire brush after every use as this will not only ensure burnt on food deposits don’t build up, but will also help maintain your BBQ in a good condition - hopefully lengthening its lifetime of use. It is also very wise though to make sure your BBQ is professionally cleaned before packing it away for Winter to ensure burnt on grease and carbon deposits, which will damage the taste of future BBQ’s and can also be potentially harmful, are removed!”

Now is the perfect time to call your local Ovenclean specialist, who will take all the hassle out of cleaning your barbeque. Using safe, non-toxic and fume-free products, we can leave your barbeque spotless and ready to light at a moment’s notice when the sun decides to re-appear next Summer!

If you’re also starting to think about Christmas(!), and want your oven cleaned in preparation for all that festive cooking you may have in store, why not get it done at the same time as the barbeque? It’s wise to book early as Christmas is one of the busiest times of year and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed!

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