Baking Horrors

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Baking Horrors

We all have our off days in the kitchen, so we've put together some of the best 'Baking Horrors' we could find on the internet - hopefully they'll make you feel better about any failed baking attempts you may have experienced and put a smile on your face!


The Minion Cake:


Chick Cake Pops:

chick cake pop

KitKat Cake Fail:

cake fail

Rainbow cupcakes:

rainbow cupcakes

Cookie Monster cupcakes:

cookie monster cupcakes

Hedgehog Cake:

 hedgehog cake

Rainbow Pancakes:

 rainbow pancakes

Reindeer Cookies:

 reindeer cookies

Rubby Ducky cupcakes:

 rubber ducky cupcakes

Shark cupcakes:

 shark cupcakes

Train cake:

 train cake

Turkey cookies:

 turkey cookies


Victoria sponge:

 victoria sponge

Watermelon cake:

watermelon cake

 If you've been unfortunate enough to have suffered from a baking catastrophe recently, chances are your oven looks a little worse for wear as a result? Why not get the professionals in and have your oven thoroughly cleaned - removing any evidence of those baking disasters and leaving you with a sparkling, good-as-new oven, ready to use as soon as your local specialist has finished!