Why keeping your BBQ clean is so important

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Why keeping your BBQ clean is so important

Here at Ovenclean, we’re always waxing lyrical about the importance of keeping your BBQ clean over the summer months and how you can get it back to its sparkling best. There are reports that we’re going to have a lovely September (which will hopefully make up for a miserable August) so there is no need to abandon hope on your BBQ just yet!

One thing you should do, however, is make sure your BBQ is clean. You can never be too careful when it comes to cooking your food due to potential salmonella and listeria – a recent study showed that 1.7million microbes per 100cm sq can be found on the average BBQ, that’s more than the 1.2million found on a bin lid! Even more worryingly is the fact that only a third of Britons regularly wash their BBQ’s according to research done by Jeyes.

The heat sensitive photo shows where germs will often live in your garden and it’s quite a scary thought that your BBQ is likely to hold the most. This can always be avoided by ensuring that your BBQ has been thoroughly cleaned before every use. You can’t take any chances on areas used to prepare and cook food.

Luckily this is something that Ovenclean can help with, giving you peace of mind the next time you use your BBQ. We use a unique, caustic soda-free cleaning system that will quickly eliminate germs and have your BBQ ready to use as soon as we’ve finished.

Call Ovenclean today to make sure your BBQ is clean and family friendly, in plenty of time for our Indian Summer. Just phone 0800 840 7127 or just click on the right to request a free clean.

Image credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2328929/The-average-British-barbecue-contains-TWICE-germs-toilet-seat.html