What to do with left over chocolate?

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What to do with left over chocolate?

We don't believe you can ever have too much chocolate here at Ovenclean, but if you feel you've over done it this Easter and don't want any to go to waste, we've got some great ideas for 'upcycling' the glut of chocolate you might have left around tempting you at every opportunity!

Each of the following ideas will also help you create the perfect present for friends or family, whatever the time of year = win-win.

Hot chocolate spoons:

hot choc spoons

One of the most simple ideas really, but they look and taste great with minimal effort on your part, and make a lovely gift.

'Yummy Mummy Kitchen' have the perfect recipe for these tempting DIY hot chocolate spoons -they're definitely worth a go and something you can get the kids involved in too!

Chocolate slab

You will have probably seen these for sale in chocolatier's shops, and they usually come with a fairly hefty price tag, especially for what is essentially a glorified bar of chocolate. So we thought they'd be the perfect thing to make yourself - they look impressive and can be given as gifts any time of the year! BBC Good Food have a fab recipe for 'Easter Chocolate Bark'!

choc slab

Chilli chocolate truffles:

choc truffles

Chilli and chocolate is a match made in cocoa heaven and these yummy truffles by Jamie Oliver just go to prove it! Truffles are super easy to create, and displayed in a gift box or wrapped and tied with ribbon, can make a lovely handmade present too.

We hope you have fun creating this Easter, but if you'd prefer to just eat all of the chocolate yourself (and we don't blame you!), there are many reasons out there to help you justify a chocolatey over-indulgence for guilt-free snacking, including helping you to live for longer, de-stress and stay more alert! The Daily Mail have a whole feature on the benefits here.