What's your most hated chore?

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What's your most hated chore?

Well – we did ask, and you let us know in your droves! It seems everyone has a chore or two that they hate, so our November #OvencleanMostHatedChore competition was a huge success!

No doubt spurred on by the opportunity to win a free oven clean from us (or was it just the chance to vent?) – we heard from people all over the country. From home-makers through to insurance clerks, it made great reading!

Thankfully, it was no surprise to discover the overwhelming answer was oven cleaning, but it seems everyone had a different reason for why. Gem Cook said it was because no matter how much elbow grease you put into it, it was never perfect, whilst Glenys Haig’s main issue is that she can’t reach the back of the oven! Michelle Morgan hates the glass on the bottom of the door (we feel your pain Michelle – glass is just a magnet for streaks and stains. You wipe it once, turn around and they’re back). And poor Chris Milburn had to clean the oven when his son and friends cooked pizza without a drip tray. What a lovely welcome home from holiday surprise!

Gerard Norton made a lovely point, saying ‘The bottom oven is by far the most horrendous job ! I’ll clean toilets easier!’ He finishes by saying, ‘Leave ovens to the experts  - mine is desperate’. We’d probably agree it’s easier to leave it to the experts – after all – it’s what we do. Why spend time doing jobs you hate, especially when there is so much else to do?

But of course, we can’t stop there. After examining the stats following the campaign, we can reveal the misery isn’t over yet. Whilst oven cleaning topped the poll at 64%, we also found the following jobs you hated:

In second place was cleaning the bathroom (including descaling the shower and cleaning the loo) at 16%. We particularly liked Diane Goulding’s hatred of loo cleaning - her comment ‘I have boys’, says it all!

Ironing: 9% - and deemed by many as just a waste of time. It seems iron-deficiency is the way to go!

Defrosting the freezer, washing up and cleaning out the garage (because of spiders) all came in at 2%, whilst dusting, hoovering and food shopping achieved just 1% of your votes each.

We were surprised that picking up dog poo (also 1%) wasn’t more hated, but delighted everyone is taking their canine contributions so seriously. The most random comment (which made us smile in the office) has to be ‘peeling potatoes' – also at 1%, with the hatee describing them as 'slippery blighters'.

But regardless of your most hated chores, we have to say congratulations to our winners, Stephanie Hawken, Alexandra Godwin and Andrew Farmer – who have ensured they can avoid it for another 6-12 months or so. And thank you to everyone who kept us smiling with their contributions!