7 activities for summer holiday fun!

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7 activities for summer holiday fun!

If you're looking for things to do with the kids this summer, check out our top picks of activities to keep children of all ages entertained for hours on end, with just a few common household items.

We've been scouring the internet and found some fab yet simple ideas, to fill any rainy days - which let's face it are going to be a likely occurrence given the unpredictable British weather!

1) Foam Dough

This super straightforward recipe from Mom Trusted has just two ingredients - corn flour and shaving foam, making it very quick and easy to make, so if you find yourself running low on playdough and fancy trying something a little different, this is the activity for you.

Foam Dough

2) Sensory Spaghetti Play

This activity is great to do with younger ones and is even edible, so there're no worries if your baby decides it tastes nice too! This coloured spaghetti play blog from Laughing Kids Learn is a great sensory activity and you can even add in some utensils for your child to experiment with - helping to develop their fine motor skills. For slightly older children you could encourage them to add garden objects (leaves/ flowers etc) to the spaghetti to make you a meal - sure to get their little imaginations going!

spaghetti play

3) Colourful Play Binoculars

Simple to make and fun to paint, these binoculars from PopSugar will really bring out the explorer in your little one!


4) Kinetic Sand

This fun building and sculpting material can be fairly expensive if bought ready-made, especially for the small amount you might get, but the Living Ithaca blog has the perfect recipe for making your own with the added benefit of having a much smaller price-tag. It also shouldn't dry out very quickly and so can be kept and played with over and over again!

kinetic sand

5) Air Dry Clay

Maschia Crafts have a great recipe for creating air dry clay or 'cold porcelain' as some call it due to it looking like porcelain once it's dry, but there's no need for heat to set your creations, as this will simply dry in the air - as the name suggests! What's more, it is non-toxic and with just four ingredients, very inexpensive to create.

air dry clay

6) Salt Dough

The wonderful One Perfect Day blog features this fantastic salt dough activity for making jewellery and gifts. We're sure kids of all ages would love to make their own jewellery and you can get them involved in making the salt dough too - perfect!

salt dough

7) French Bread Pizza

If all this play is making you hungry, this French bread pizza recipe is not only really easy and fun to make, but by also letting them choose their favourite toppings, will help encourage your child to take an interest in cooking!


If you're looking for further ideas to keep the little ones entertained, head over to our dedicated Pinterest board for even more summer fun activities.

We hope you have a great time creating, baking and making this summer, but if your oven could do with a little TLC after the kids fun, keep our number handy - 0800 840 7127 or enquire online, and we'll have it looking 'good as new' again in no time!

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