The perfect GetBritainBBQing garden party checklist

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The perfect GetBritainBBQing garden party checklist

We are very excited about the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend and are keeping our fingers crossed that the sunshine holds out so we can make the most of it. It’s a great time of year to start enjoying the garden, and hopefully thanks to our tips over the past few weeks, you’ve got a few recipes up your sleeve to suitably wow your guests!

However, if you still feel unprepared for any Bank Holiday and Half Term visitors, we’ve got a bit of a checklist to get you there. These are our must remember items for any garden party!

  1. BBQ marinated meat - prepared the day before. It’ll save you valuable time the day of the BBQ and will only add to the flavour of the meat. We’ve given you some great marinating recipes for various meats; click here if you missed out.
  2. Pre food nibbles – The wafts of delicious food can become too much to someone who has been patiently waiting in the garden for some food. Solve the problem by putting out nibbles for when guests arrive, it should keep them quiet for a bit!
  3. Cutlery and crockery – It goes without saying that plastic is probably better when dining with youngsters in the garden, but ensuring you have enough for all guests is essential! We recommend evaluating your collection before the big day.
  4. Never underestimate a salad – A BBQ can be a very meat oriented affair, but there is a lot to be said for decent salad. Those who are healthy eating will love you for it and some vegetable options are obviously a must for veggies! We found some great recipes for Vegetarian Week so take look at our Twitter feed.
  5. Plan B – We hate to say it, but the English weather is very unpredictable and it normally comes in handy if you have a plan B! If the morning of your BBQ is looking a bit dreary, jacket potatoes can be a great idea for the oven, whilst any marinated meat can go on the grill. If you’re short of space in the house, why not put up a marquee or a makeshift shelter?
  6. Entertainment for the kids – If you’ve got some kids attending your barbecue, make sure you’ve got some entertainment lined up to keep them occupied and away from the BBQ, we’ve got loads of ideas on our Pinterest board, just click here!
  7. Don’t forget the music! – A bit of ambient background music is essential, but not so loud the neighbours complain!
  8. Create an alcohol free cocktail – If nobody really wants to drive but someone has to – one person has to draw the short straw. So it’s even worse when you arrive to find your alcohol free needs haven’t been considered! Create a nice alcohol free sangria so no-one feels like they’re missing out.
  9. More inspiration – If you still haven’t got your menu sorted, check out our BBQ Yums Pinterest board – we’ll have some last minute saviours for you!
  10. Have you called Ovenclean? – Don’t let your BBQ embarrass you in front of your guests, call in the professionals to ensure it’s clean and hygienic before use!

We wish you the best of luck with your BBQ, and of course we’ve got our fingers crossed that the Bank Holiday weekend has some lovely weather. Hopefully our tips have now got you ready and raring to go!