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Cleaning and preparing your BBQ for winter

It’s safe to say that BBQ food – and barbequing itself – is very much in vogue, and that 2015 has been a bumper year for the British barbie.

The growing popularity of barbecuing is evidently on the rise with ITV’s BBQ Champ series just finishing its successful debut  on TV (a rather more carnivorous alternative to the BBC’s Great British Bake Off!) , BBQ-themed restaurants are also enjoying explosive growth that’s spiralling UK-wide from London, and gas-powered grill sales are through the roof, overtaking their humble charcoal-powered cousins for the first time.

bbq champ panel 

Are you a BBQ cooking champ? No, us neither.
But we’re pretty good at the eating bit.

(Image credit: Matt Frost / ITV)

All this popularity has meant one thing: come rain or shine, more of us have been enjoying good old-fashioned Sunday afternoon British BBQs this Summer! And our local cleaning specialists have already seen a 43% increase in cleaning enquiries for BBQ cleans this summer alone!

But with autumn now nearly upon us and the summer evenings starting to draw in, it’s fair to say that all but the most hardcore of barbecue enthusiasts  will be thinking about packing up their barbecue grill for winter.


Gas barbeque sales are through the roof, and as far as we’re concerned,
the bigger the better.

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Maybe you’ve treated yourself to an extravagant gas grill this summer, or last. These types of grills often have long lifespans, but this can be shortened if you don’t clean and maintain yours regularly.

Burners can get dangerously clogged, gunk can build up so much that it could cause small fires, and rust can take over your once-beautiful cooking machine. This can and should be avoided by giving your pride and joy a once yearly deep clean, before taking it indoors for storage until spring (a garage or shed is ideal).

dirty bbq 

Gas BBQs are more intricate by design, and can take considerably
more cleaning to bring them back to their best.

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So, if like us you too have been barbecuing this year - be it old, new, gas or conventional - consider treating your barbeque to a pre-winter deep clean and prepare it for the autumn and winter months ahead, helping ensure it’s in tip top condition for next spring.

Ovenclean specialists use a unique caustic soda-free BBQ  cleaning system that eliminates the need for harmful cleaning products whilst also being gentle enough to protect the facades, finish and enamel of your barbeque.

For more details on our barbecue cleaning services and a free no obligation quote, call your local specialist now on 0800 840 7127 or book your barbeque clean online today.