Flowchart: Is it time to clean your oven?

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Flowchart: Is it time to clean your oven?

A cleaning infographic

Time and time again we are told that cleaning the oven is the most hated piece of housework.  Add to this the fact that life can sometimes get in the way (no time, too busy, difficult to do) and there’s every chance that you might end up procrastinating when it comes to getting this job done.

Well procrastinate no more – our helpful (slightly tongue-in-cheek) cleaning infographic flowchart below will help you answer the question: is it time to clean your oven?

Oven cleaning issues that we can tackle, as explained in our cleaning infographic:

  • Smoking ovens: burnt on food and grease are often the cause of a kitchen full of smoke. If you set the smoke detector off every time you cook sausages, our technicians can help
  • Opaque windows: It’s nice to be able to see the food you are cooking without having to open the door and lower the oven temperature. We can get the glass squeaky clean again
  • Off the shelf cleaning products can be caustic and chemical and still leave you with unsatisfactory results. If you would like the professionals to use a 100% non-caustic solution that won’t leave you worried to use the oven afterwards, get in touch.

Every day, thousands of UK customers trust Ovenclean’s national network of friendly oven cleaning technicians to get their kitchen appliances gleaming.

If you’d like to contact some professional oven cleaners do the hard work, click or call to arrange a free, no-obligation quote today.

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