Prepare your oven for Valentine’s Day

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Prepare your oven for Valentine’s Day

The oven is the heart of any kitchen, which makes perfect sense as it’ll play a big factor in winning the heart of your loved one with the perfect Valentine’s meal this weekend.

Deciding what to cook is a difficult enough task as it is, especially if cooking isn’t really your forte. When you throw in a dirty oven too, you’re battling against the odds to ensure the creation of a delicious dish fit to woo your loved one!

Too often we put off chores such as cleaning the oven as they are deemed ‘too time consuming’ or ‘too dirty’ – it’s human nature but unfortunately it means the burnt on food continues to build up, making it even harder to clean when you do eventually get round to doing it!

That’s where Ovenclean comes in – we can save you time and have your oven professionally cleaned in around two hours, meaning it will look as good as new when it comes to doing your perfect Valentine’s meal! Our specialists use 100% caustic-soda free products to ensure the highest quality clean that also allows you to use your oven again as soon as they’ve finished.

Availability is limited, so get in touch with us on 0800 840 7127 as soon as possible to book in your pre-Valentine’s clean!