Why Pay to Have Your Oven Cleaned?

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Why Pay to Have Your Oven Cleaned?


5 Reasons from Ovenclean Customers

At Ovenclean we understand that one of the top questions people have on their minds when deciding whether to book a cooker clean with us is – why pay to have your oven cleaned by a professional oven cleaning company? Although cleaning the oven is the least favourite chore out of all the housework, it seems like people feel a reluctant sense of responsibility to do it themselves.

Well, we can spend time talking about all the benefits of having Ovenclean do the hard work for you, but we thought you might want to hear it from our past customers instead. We are proud to have achieved a rating of “Excellent” for our 9.3 out of 10 stars rating on Trustpilot. Here are the top 5 reasons they have given for paying to have their ovens cleaned by us:

1.     To have your cooker looking like new again

One of the top reasons to have your oven cleaned, is to have it looking like new again. Rather than just clean, customers find that the sparkling ovens are restored to “showroom” quality. Rachel Fennel stated that after the service, her cooker “looks like it has just been delivered from the shop”.  In our book, there’s nothing better than renewing the look of an older cooker, rather than forking out for a replacement.

2.    Because there are specific reasons why you need the professional touch

The number one reason for us is always going to be to have your cooker gleaming and pristine. However, there are a few other, specific reasons that users have given us:

  • They were not getting the results they wanted with off the shelf, supermarket cleaners. Steely says, “I've been a hobby chef for a few years, [and the] oven is used regularly. I try to keep the oven clean, with little success.”
  • Limited mobility prevented oven cleaning from being something that they could easily tackle themselves. We have customers place bookings to have their own ovens cleaned because it is not easy for them to do, as well as bookings placed on behalf of parents and grandparents who could just use the extra help
  • For rental properties. One of our “happy customers” called Jane says, “we were about to rent our property and desperate to have it all looking great.” Likewise, renters often get in touch to have the oven cleaned so they can claim their full deposit at the end of their tenancy!

3.    Because Ovenclean technicians are nice people

Okay, we know we are blowing our own trumpet here, but our technicians are frequently described as “nice”, “polite” and “friendly” (and so they should be!).  We are pleased to report that technicians are often reported to be “courteous” and “unfazed by the state of the cooker”. That last one should reassure anyone who may be worrying – they’ve seen it all before and understand.

Once people have had an oven clean and verified the quality of the service, they often request repeat services on an annual basis or more often. One reviewer, Valerie Dornbach, told us that “Adam Howard of Ovenclean ROCKS!” and is “almost a member of the family”.

4.    Prompt quote and service

When customers fill out a form on the website, or make a call, we aim to reply to them to arrange a quote and date to do the service within 24 hours, but sometimes your local technician will reply in as little as 10 minutes.

The actual length of time that it takes to do a service can vary (see How long does an Ovenclean take?) but we will always give a time estimate and aim to complete it well within that time. Our customers generally find that things are done and dusted within the time it takes to drink a couple of coffees.

5.  Reasonable prices

The cost of the job varies because each kitchen setup and cooker is unique. Things we need to take into account include the number of ovens, other appliances, the type of cooker, its age, etc. However, what doesn’t vary are the reports from customers who felt the service was “good value for money”.

So there you have it. We are a modest bunch here at Ovenclean, aren’t we? Please feel free to check out the reviews on the testimonials page or Trustpilot at your own leisure. If you decide to book to have your oven cleaned, please feel free to tell us your opinion too!

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