Hob Cleaning: The Mrs Hinch Way

Cleaning sensation, Mrs Hinch (real name Sophie Hinchcliffe) recently shared her top tips for cleaning an electric hob on her Instagram. So, we have created a guide with everything you need to know about cleaning your hob, the Mrs Hinch cleaning way.

Whether you have a gas or electric hob, the stove is a hot spot for dirt and grime in your kitchen. So, it’s important to regularly clean your hob. Many of you have most likely watched an Instagram clip of Mrs hinch cleaning ceramic hob and ovens, however we have compiled her greatest tips into this blog. 

How does Mrs Hinch Clean her Hob?

  1. Mrs Hinch always begins by removing her iconic flower display from the hob.
  2. She then takes one of her favourite cleaning products, the Cif Cream Cleaner with Micro Crystals. Mrs Hinch opts for the original scent; however, the Cif Cream Cleaner is also available in a Lemon scent. This cream cleanser is a low-cost cleaning product and can be purchased from supermarkets and home stores such as Home Bargains for as little as £1.
  3. Mrs Hinch then puts on her rubber cleaning gloves and squeezes the product onto the stove.
  4. She then leaves the product to sit for a couple of minutes. When using any kind of cleaning product, we recommend wearing gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals. Where possible opt for natural cleaning products in your kitchen.
  5. After a few minutes, Mrs Hinch begins to work the cream cleaner into the hob with a soft cloth to remove grime and grease.
  6. She then wipes the product away with a soft microfibre cloth. Using this type of cloth will help to prevent scratching the hob when cleaning it.

Mrs Hinch has an electric hob; however, this method can also be used to clean a gas stove.

Mrs Hinch: How to Clean a Hob with The Pink Stuff

This is the ultimate Mrs Hinch Cleaning hack.  Mrs Hinch also has another method for cleaning her hob, using the Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste, as recommended on our Best Cleaning Products of 2021 blog.

The Pink Stuff is a tough cleaning product that comes in paste form. The paste can be used to remove stains and grime in the kitchen. However, it is mildly abrasive so we recommend reading the instructions before using it around the home. 

  1. Mrs Hinch applies a plentiful amount of the Pink Stuff Cleaning Pasta to her stove with a soft, damp cloth and then leaves it for a couple of minutes.
  2. Sophie then rubs the paste in circular motions on the hob to remove any dirt and food grime.
  3. Then, she wipes away the product with a soft damp cloth and repeats until all the dirt and residue is removed.
  4. Finally, she buffs the hob with a clean, dry soft cloth to create a polished shiny finish.

Mrs Hinch is also known to use the Pink Stuff Paste to clean the inside of her oven door. However, our best recommendation is to use a professional oven cleaning service. DIY oven cleaning can be extremely messy and time-consuming, however, Ovenclean offers a mess and fume-free service in your local area. 

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Why is it Important to Clean the Hob?

There are a number of reasons to keep your hob clean including fire safety, health and energy consumption. We recommend cleaning your hob or stove after every use. This is because it will prevent a build-up of grease and grime. Every time you use your hob, simply give it a wipe over once cool with a damp cloth to remove any food debris. Finish by buffing the hob with a clean, soft cloth to make it shine like new.

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